What is the beauty of all others is to see !!!

Its a perpetuating wheel
.,. If one cant get off itsSelf., to see
What is more than an only
How an only is the same here for anyone.,
For those that abuse- they need to abuse and cant see then the beauty in others as then they see they have in then them.,
And those that are abused/manipulated/bullied - they can’t see to not fear them , because if they didn’t.,
They would see.,.
It is those that can see the beauty in all things.,,

To become then…

That became then.,
All Things


——- Miss Kitty

Always BE>! Free , to feel, to then ….. Have !

The confidence i had in me to not see!!!!!

If one has confidence in self- they dont make others feel less.,

If one has strength., they learn then why of other’s weaknesses to not then .. have and for self.,

To learn why others make others feel less., it really makes those that are more without that then understanding.. to be now ., even of a more!!!

To be petty to others.. to show manipulative behaviour., is a weak home or family


Everything is all an experience., what did one then gain,,,..!!!!!!!
doesnt matter if one fell., but what did one learn and for self to have,.,!!!!!!

i always had a confidence and a strength to not see.,, now i am getting to!!!! Its so cool !!

Why would i want to be as less as then those that already are that then have to be., petty.. nit picking to others., to manipulate others., it is not what is becoming of a self., to then., materialize

———— it is how one can only be!!!!! Only have what is confidence!!! Why those then pick on those that think they are weaker to understand.,.
it makes them show for their more., already then weakness., once one can see.,

What is to be only for self and to rise above what is only then., a group of selfish thoughts .,

Only a group inturn then can formulize., and now no individual can to be what is then..





Its too bad for what is then circumstances ., what people have to sift through all the shit.,, instead of being just straightforward.,
- the sixties i missed., lol.. i would have thrived. Free love snd a love to feel for all!!!! Instead ., we get this piss or shit to sort through., and then be on then one’s own., because no other now can be., or have.,

Any., close


., with others.,. Because of the shit that is allowed., to exist and above what is then or was .,

A family train of existence of thoughts!!
now its just only all others the children will only grow to know., instead of then their own.,

- here is what was ., the most beautiful place..

the converging of minds and thoughts!!! It is what is .. People

I made so many mistakes from what is mistakes to only learn from., but i have to choose ., when to stop making mistakes.. and when then to improve .,. even if the mistakes i learned from Can’t say sorry and would rather not face their own children to apologize.,. I need to to mine.. to say sorry., for not being the more i only wanted to be and for them… I didn’t want to be as my dadd or weak as my mom… and i became trapped in the circle to not see., how not to get out and for then .. my family .,. I’m sorry I wasn’t strong as I thought I was … as i wanted to only be and for them., to give that .. better life.,.,. 

what would be the bigger .. circle 

One that doesn’t bully.,

WiLl always be worth more.,. And for its Self to see and to learn Of and from !!!
it is the coolest feeling!! Love for thy Self.,




A bully never has to look to see what is thee.,. so they never get to………

To attain then., what is Complete. And with then .,.. ThySelf.

Those that seek to see what is then me.,.,.
get to.

its not.. rocket science