All My Thoughts - Dec 22.21

All the lies from men that are not men - - -

All they do is destroy lives - -

All because you won’t stand for yours - - to live

Your life that was given to you to live - -

And that is how it is - - - because of your own brain and your own mind - -

tell you that

That you want to live - - -and to not only breathe

And to only breathe amongst others lies - -

Is not even to then breathe - - -

Because lies are lies - -

They cannot be anything more - - -

Because they are lies

To keep you from that - -

From more.

To live amongst those that do not want you too - -

Is to truely live !!!!!!!

And then to be able to say - -

Because you can know see and see for yourself - - -

How you want your world to be

And what then is your part in the one world that we all share - -

To be more than just yourself- - -

Is to see that you are more than just yourself - -

Because it is your own thoughts that make you

 - your own thoughts that no one else can have - -

Your own thoughts that can show even love to you !!!

to live in a world of so many - - of so many that do not live . . . for themselves to live and to be happy - - that is what is sad , is to not even live

only lies

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