All My Thoughts - Nov 25.21and half





My life could have been so different - - if had parents that loved me - - that cared about me - -

My life could have been so different - - if I had always love for me


Why the world wouldn’t be like this if they didn’t want to - - -or is it if you didn’t want to - - - is everything in our head - - and we can change everything ourselves - - because it is all in our head – our own individual brains  - - but then yet collectively - - so isn’t that like - - a form of telepathy??

Or tell me what you see when you read - -

Knowledge is our own knowledge to discover

And then and when to discover - - - that if that is true - - - what is it that I can discover - - and all on my own - - - because look at me now - - from no voice to one - -

Because I can feel how amazing I feel when I can feel with this thought with this wave length- - - it feels like maybe to finally feel - - I just finally can appreciate - - - when it is that when you can’t - - - maybe that is what I am doing and was worried about - - crossing over and realizing that I can think of so much with just one brain - - and so then what happens when I put two together- - to learn for both to live - - - ahhhhh - - that would be a great life - - - ahhhh - - that is life without abuse - - - and for all of us - - - to have to hold to enjoy to feel to grow to evolve to now always more


Is that it - - if we don’t learn - - if we don’t evolve for our own brains ??? ahhhhh neat !!!

Then what did you learn - - how then did you grow  - - how then did it feel - - -your life - - - - -was it always what you dreamed it should have been!!!! Right - - - think out of your own head to see others and to how they think and then you can think more and so on and so on - - -

Because maybe that is it too-  nobody ever tells their story anymore - - - just what will you buy - - how can I abuse something from you - - for me to get something from you - - now I have something that I didn’t even get - -



It has to be

Everything is connecting

Or seems to be

We are the same energy as an apple in the scheme of things of things reality ; ;

And this is what greed has done to you and me - - and we don’t even get to see

I see you

Now see me

I want my free will

Back from you to that you should have never had

Because you don’t want me to have to be less - - and be only you




Look at how our government treats us, especially women - -

They are supposed to work for us too – yet they too own us and every good man that doesn’t beat or rape his wife; and every good man that doesn’t beat rape abuse his child

When are we gonna say enough is enough

Liable on both sides of the law

Those that create it

And those that enforce it

It’s not for us to obey - -

It is for those that have power over us –

To not fray


Everything depends on how you look at it - - or how you have been always told - - - -




I am not even a man or a woman

I am neither

I am both

I am all

It is what you should see me as

And it should be as I am -


Energy is energy

I am energy

I am my energy

See me as I am

My own energy

My own life

My own




There are two sides to everythings - -so why only see for one

And I already know of too think as two - - my brain and my mind are both unique to me - - are both individually and as one – when complete - - when acting as one - - as one complete thought - - not just what I have been taught



I always felt so tired before, as too, I that thought I was living –before I realized that I was abused - - - I thought I was living even if I wasn’t - -but I thought I was –right - - maybe a key ?? to explain - -  - -  - I didn’t sleep a lot either too - - and when I slept – I slept great, - - - when stressed but not only stressed it is more now, it is abuse ,, its like a whole different land to see to view - - like know I sleep to much but I don’t want to but I don’t know what else to do but yet I feel like I need to rest even though I didn’t get any work done - - - it’s weird but then like it’s not - - because I struggle with it - - so is it a lesson that I need to see to learn for me to improve to be more? - - what is the lesson to learn? - - because I struggle with it - - maybe then I know I haven’t given up and it’s all part of healing and learning – maybe it’s my brain and needs just a little more down time still –lol- - and I have to remember to be patient - - - even if I feel like that I am going to slow- - - because I want to learn so much and I am not sure of all my time - - right –lol- who does – lol - -

So I don’t want to waste anymore - - so I can remember how I felt when I was alive- - -

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