All My Thoughts - Nov 29.21

they don’t see when they hurt me – that’s just what I see – because I’m looking through my eyes-


They can only think of what they have done to me – they do not know – because they are not me - - they can only guess as how I would feel or what I should feel because of this ---but not what happens to me inside ---- when you steal my mind for me to not see –what the fck is wrong with you inside of you  - ---- now tell me a monster you are not –to make my life not---- fckrs. –look at your greed --- and you think you are so smart --- but you are as what you made me as you made me not to see –you did the same to yourself.----- your abuse round back to you –and you call me stupid - - stupid is as what stupid does - -

 your abuse round back to you- as the circle of abuse that it is  - - you forgot or did not realize in the first place ----as the circle when complete --- what do you think that means?/?  just for me??? Of course you would ---- that is why your abuse onto you is different ---(not so smart then, you abused by another that is more dangerous than you)---

because then you could never see then how you think you have learned how to abuse me and you would not fall for that - - - and that is all that you can see  - -even though you think you can tell if someone was doing it to you – but if that was the case then I would have saw you  - and you could not have abused me at all – because I was not weak - - and either could be my abuser- - ----but your own blind confirmation bias at work  - - -psychology 101. And you the professor cannot see how I learned what you know and now more –

and to also why you are always afraid, not of someone like you what you would do to you - - - ,because you can see that and feel that, that you think no big deal as you are so smart – as you say to those what you did to me - - - – but ; ; you are worried about that but not as much;; what worries you is if I see what you do to me - - - you know the chance the possibility although so slim so you never really consider it; ; until and now it has happened – that’s what you see  - - - me ; ; ;!!!!! - - - -

it is a whole new thing now that you have to face and feel -  - - - - because of your abuse onto me to not make me see - - - -this is now your brain as was mine - - - when you broke me, when you broke my reality of what is real for me - - - when you took my world from me - - - - this is now what you are feeling - - - what you did to me as me, now unto you to feel to breathe – to feel worthless like how you made me feel. - - -

but this I did not do to you - - - you did it to yourself you fck

just as my world for me to not exist - - - - - - -and what the fck do you think I won’t do????  oh yeah - - - - because you never thought I could – what you took from me---- - just the same as your abusers taught you to only feel and to you to only know too, and just as called you friend as you called me your love

and when you abuse it is  - - - what you did to me you did to yourself first - - -and that means - -

 - because you stand for yourself to be honorable –that is how humans operate on how we want others to see us as we want to be seen - - - - - and that is all to it --- - - -what your honor means to you to be true to you to love to exist to not only breathe but to exist - it is that simple - - - - and you figured I didn’t care about mine –my life—because you had to abuse me to not see mine you fck ---- that is how weak of a man you are if you have to abuse ---- all it shows is how scared you are ---- and this is all that you know how to do --- to behave ----- to others ----- because it is you the abuser that cannot see ---- life is not about what you can do to me ----- it is what can you do for each other ; ; ------ and now with your greed you can only see, you are lonely –no friends as bullies do not --- because of retaliation ---- is the only think you can think of ---  because that is what you would do -----when you only see out of one narrow view ------what becomes of you . . .


what can you do for each other ; ; ------ this is how we evolve and this can only be the way - -



All the lies to tell yourself to then tell others who it is that you are not - - - and thereby what you did without realizing it - - - you did not live - - - just as you only wanted for me  - - - - you did to yourself first



- you think no one will call you out - - - on what you did and do - - - - if you make me accountable for me when I am not even me - - - - fck you - - - accountability - - -and it is the only way to stop abuse - - - and all abuse - - - that is onto our whole world - - - our homes - - where we live - - play – grow – and supposed to love -  -  for a shitty dollar that isn’t even real - - - same energy it is as it is not - -


You want us to do the right thing - - - because we are sheep - - - now the sheep sees the master and is not afraid of to not keep only a dull life in my mind for me ; ; ; --- when I get as you only one chance one shot to do it right !!!!!

so, who in the fck are you if you can’t even be nice - - - to all the other worlds that exist(to all the other people that exist) - - - -because you fck - - - when you are as me and now you are - - - remember what also you did to me - - -  - - you made me all alone to feel in my life - - - - - - - - - --  --  --  -- and how do you feel?  - - -  is it what you wanted me to feel? Or is it more now ?- - because now you have me to see and me in my world now too that is in yours were before it was just you --- and now it is me kicking ass not you lol- - - and look at how you stole all my time and just for you to abuse –and it is you that is abused by you to not exist - - -you are still a primitive ape --- still playing in shit --- not even realizing the full potential for life – but I am realizing mine - - - - - - - and you say you are educated ? and are better than me ???? yeh I guess you would have to repeat that to me when you are not - - - to believe you even in your own lies- - -

What do I have to be afraid of bullies for - - - I wasn’t in school and I am still not now - - double meaning –lol—but maybe just for me –lol--


-  – when you become more free yourself when you see to live and love yourself – just as me - - and just as me - - you can !!! - - -everyone can!!!! …


remember we are all abused by each other and one another - - -


this world has just fallen apart - - - no parts to see all by its self - - no parts to connect because we don’t know how now too - - -


But ;  once we start to stop it - - - it will all just find its way - - -the parts will all fit  - - - - - because now all the parts fit in the world; and - - - - because the world now is of more not of less - - - -the whole flippin world !!!!! how crzy would that be to see !!!! and all you have to do is stop and see –and ask yourself


 - - are you happy - -


and look at yourself to you when you say; - - - - you have to feel yourself ---- as a moment in your life that will be not only a turning point in life to see ---- but how also you can create your life to mean more and to create your own art as me.. this is my art --- it has become my sanctuary --- to get lost in another world that is not mine and feel that is the world that I can make a difference in



to then believe I can then in all the worlds , in all my realities for me to see - - - -me

and just as me for me to see in my world  - - -for you to see you in yours !!!!



- - and be and have the life you always wanted - - -  to be king in yours and queen in mine; ; ; ;and yours beside mine and mine beside yours - - - - - - - and so on and so on



 - - - that is living for all  - - - to see that we all have to love ourselves to exist - and then to see and to understand that there is more to life than to even just exist and know because that you love yourself - - - - you can see how to love others and they can exist and now you are more than now just to exist for yourself - - - you are now evolving on how we all get to exist and ten to do it all over again with even more knowledge and understanding - - - because we can’t even phantom - - how much better one can be - - - until one is better to want to be



- and then all your thoughts and beliefs you are now a part of - - to truly feel alive –to truly feel as you  - -and to then see that the world is not complete --- not until we do this ------ we too are not complete then  --- because of how we treat ---


--- because of how we treat - - - look at how we treat our one and only earth ;  ; and then to think you can abuse us in our one shot at our own lives !!!!!!!! you fcks ----I was not born to be your slave and that is to not to any human to own another ---- this is still slavery ---what dave did to me was to make me his slave, his personal sex slave to do with how ever he wanted and how he wanted was for me to not know - - -  –— slavery - - in the deepest darkest form - - - - - - - - - - -  --  --  - - -


To me, it seems like most of us can get along enough - - - as we do even in this shit world we only have to view- - - -so why not have more of a view and a better view of you – for you !!! and me for me!!!

Why should the bullies take anymore from me from you---


they almost took my free will ---- which is connected to my life - - - - which is connected to my free will


                                                       We no longer exist only for you to live



                                                      look how long it took to stop Hitler; ; ; ; now look ; ; ; ; ;not just one man is abusing - - it is how many - - - -

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