I am born out of hate, not love. Sad way to start this, but this is what you need to understand to understand me – my thoughts – and then why I see what I see – and I hope then for you to be able to take that much needed look into the mirror – so you can see – how much YOU can be – that we all can be – just with you loving yourself and with you being honest with you – this, my friends – is what life is about –

Always loving you!!

Disclaimer. Lol. Please do not take anything personal, it is for you to see how to love you – I am sharing my life so that you can have your own life to live – to be free – not abused – like me. And not to be an abuser – for you to see how it will not only destroy you but also how you are destroying your own bloodline – and then – soon you will not have ever been. This is what we all need to see – when you abuse another – it is actually you abusing you – you are doing more damage to you – that you can’t even see –

And that being good doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun - lol – it is actually more fun to be free – than a slave to anyone I see –

Believe in yourself and that you deserve to love yourself – no matter what anyone else wants to make you believe – Always love yourself – it is their shame they only want you to see –

Also – quantum physics, quantum philosophy, and all other related fields, in other words, think out outside of your own box, for it is you to think of – what it is that you see – to share – so that others can see too. The more we share – the more each of us gets to be free. With every step that we take to be ourselves – to be true to ourselves – we get another step of seeing how our life can truely get to be – because we were honest with ourselves – to be happy with ourselves  – to want to be free – to Always love yourself.

You have to take that first step yourself – to look in the mirror – so you can see yourself, to see how others hurt you, make you feel less about yourself – this is what you have to do to see – to start to be free – you have to love yourself

I am doing this – because I would have wanted someone to care enough about me – to have told me – to love me –

Sometimes though, I wonder, why should I care about anyone else, and take what I have learned and just be bad like them – and be even more than they thought how bad they have been – I know how to be even worse than them – because I looked into their eyes – I can see what they see. But, what I see too though is – if you want to be an asshole – to your own family, friends, everyone you see – then you have  to always be an asshole because otherwise – how could you live with yourself after to take that look, and you see what an asshole you have been. So to be an asshole – you must always be – or you can’t live with yourself because then that becomes regret – and that means that being an asshole is what you were never meant to be. And you will then see after – how a life you have lived – and it hasn’t even been yours. And, it also then tells the rest of the world – that – if you are an asshole – then this is by choice – and that you cannot change – because then you can’t - otherwise then it’s regret you will only see. So an asshole you have to always be – so then there is no point anyone wasting time on you - because you can only hate others – love is something that you do not know how to do – I don’t even want to know you, what would be the point  – to only hate and to never be loved - to never have love or to never know how much better that love is – better than any of your hate that you can only give. That you will realize, that you could have had so much more – and then you think it will be to late  – but it’s not too late – to know that you can finally see how you were supposed to be – how you were supposed to live – is a moment that no one can ever take away – and know you will Always get to be; because you finally loved yourself enough to finally see – that if you don’t be happy with your choices in your own life – then maybe it wasn’t your choices to begin with – maybe you to my abuser cannot see – that you too were abused by someone to only see their shame – their hate – and they passed it on to you – and took your life away from you too – so you couldn’t see how you wanted to be – only their shame you got to see. But, remember, know that we all see this – then if an abuser you still want to be – then that is by your choice – your free will – to keep on being an abuser – so it is you that is happy with being an abuser – and everyone should stay away from you – because what would be the point in getting to know you – when now I know all you  want to do is hurt me –

Please look for yourself to be better for you – to be better for your family – because they need you to – to be strong – to love you!!


What if the world began with only all hate –



See how free you can be – To live your journey