Mr. Wright Shouldn't Be Mr. Wrong

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I kept thinking over and over in my head – I had to get back to who I was, that I used to be so HAPPY. It kept repeating – over and over. I almost didn’t hear. I almost gave in. I almost gave up. (To which is the goal of a Loser Abuser – Make her not able to live without you - no loose ends of what they did to a woman.  A Loser Abuser won’t care, it’s the final piece – taking your own life – and he will be just proud of himself that he is so powerful that he made you feel so worthless, that you are a weak worthless dog - he was finished with her anyways. )

I didn’t realize that my Loser Abuser, David Wright, owner of A1 Rentals and Party Store here in Regina, that he pounded and beaten that into my head. That all I was worth was nothing, just HIS slave, his real life sex slave, HIS dog. David choosing day after to hurt me, to utterly abuse every part of me just because he wanted to – to which he benefited greatly from(making me his plaything– because he thinks he has a right to abuse women because he has a dic (that’s it – that’s there thinking-or lack of). Day after day, year after year, David took life itself away from me- my life. My happiness, my wanting to live with love, not hate. He took my ability to choose to RUN AWAY from him, to be able to see what he was actually doing to me, destroying me, killing me. Abused by him for 10 years. My life became a means to an end for a man – for a Loser Abuser man, pretending  to be a man - if he was a man this would not have ever happened to me or anyone else. He choose to abuse me, to hurt me, he wanted to, he needed to to make me his DOG. He took everything from me – just so he could feel better about himself. Just to have his limp dic wet.  A monster.  Not a man. His deliberate manipulation onto me - beating me down so he could show how powerful a Loser Abuser he is. To make himself a dog for his dic, for his selfish needs. Loser Abusers’ are not to be feared –but to see what they are – what they do  –  to keep them away from someone you care about. To not let into your life – to not let them take everything from you. And all for what – they destroy women just so their dic can get wet. The most pathetic reason of all. For a 20 second jolly. To keep hate onto women – to keep women less – to show other Loser Abusers like himself what he has taken - to be able to show to other Loser Abusers that women are here only because they allow it. That is a Loser Abuser. That is what he will do to you.

It is the Loser Abuser that is worth nothing.

I had to try to remember wonderful moments before I met David, to remember how I used to feel, HAPPY. Happy inside, happy to be alive, wanting to be alive, that I was strong, wanting love in my life not hate, not to be a dog for David, not property for David, not a real live thing with holes to put his limp dic into. He benefited greatly from the abuse that he did to me – and he killed me to do it, he took my life to do it. And would have kept killing me if I didn’t stop his abuse onto me. I can never get my time back that he took, what he took from me without my permission, without my consent to treat me so worthless. His hate onto me is a HATE CRIME. IT WAS RAPE – PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY. YEAR AFTER YEAR. This is what a Loser Abuser will do to your friend, your sister, your daughter – and he won’t care. He won’t care that it is you he is doing it too, he won’t care that it is his friend’s daughter or sister. He won’t care. He thinks this is his right as a piece of shit man, as a piece of shit father, brother. A real man would never treat anyone like this.

So, How Much Is My Life Worth?

  • As a human being
  • As a woman
  • As a slave for his sexual gratification
  • As a dog





Make sure to treat your new DOG with

  • No Respect
  • No Love
  • Give it plenty of HATE every day
  • Feed it just enough so it relies on you
  • Let your Loser Abuser Buddies’ know you have a new DOG – share how you trained your new DOG, share pics of your new DOG
  • Teach your DOG that when you are away it must STAY – stay in that exact spot
  • Don’t let your DOG near others, they might learn, pick up bad habits like thinking
  • Always command your DOG to obey, when to bark, when to think
  • Teach your DOG you are it’s MASTER – that it needs you to survive
  • Teach your DOG you are it’s best provider, it’s best lover it ever has- make the DOG lie to itself to be always be that loyal DOG, brainwash your DOG into believing everything you tell it
  • You can teach your DOG anything you want – whether the truth or not, it’s your DOG – it’s your property, treat it as the DOG it is – that’s why you trained it
  • Don’t give your DOG too many treats or presents, or spend a lot of money on – you don’t have too- it’s your DOG to do with as you wish
  • Teach your DOG tricks
  • Show your DOG what will happen if it disobeys, when it doesn’t do what you command, if it won’t keep your secret – you don’t want your DOG telling anyone else that isn’t abusing other own DOGS what you are doing, how you are treating your DOG, you want the abuse to continue for as long as you can
  • you don’t want your DOG happy
  • Don’t worry if your DOG dies or if you hurt it so bad, there are many more DOGS you can get, can train, can command, can kill – remember you are part of a community of other LOSER ABUSERS, we can help you learn how to care for your DOG – to be a LOSER ABUSER MAN
  • Remember to give your DOG some fresh air once in awhile – take it for a car ride, pretend to show you truly care about the DOG – just enough so you don’t break the DOG – well for as long as you still want that DOG – after you can just throw away your unwanted DOG, your DOG that you are finished with wanting to keep, to keep abusing – your DOG can be literally be tossed away like garbage




This mantality of cruelty towards WOMEN stops NOW. The generation of abusing your wife, your girlfriend, just because you are a woman.  Because he is the man, obey his glorious limp dic, she has to listen, you are stronger than her, you can throw her down a well if she doesn’t obey, she is your property. It shows that with all of David’s benefits in life, all the money he has, all his opportunities, that David chose to be nothing more than just like his father, to be less a human and to be that of a monster. Just because he has a dic, a limp dic at that, (tell me Karma is not a woman! lol ) He has no right to cause harm onto my well-being, for the simple fact that I am “just” a woman. Nor does any other Loser Abuser – its pure hate. This “just” a woman  – wrote this. Is not afraid of a less of a man, to stand up against hate. To not want this to happen to anyone else.

It’s considered a hate crime when a man is raped – but a citation when it is a woman, if even that.

Don’t let this happen to someone you say you care about. This is what will happen to her – if she survives. And if she survives once she realizes what he did to her, what he took from her.

From a man beating his wife to a man beating his child to a man beating yours. A Loser Abuser thinks this is evolution.


Thank you for taking your time to read this. Protect those around you. The only difference between a man and a woman – is a dick – is a Loser Abuser that wishes he could love, to not be alone with all his hate. All his money, the only thing he values - is worthless, you can’t buy LOVE.