We Are In This Together

You might think that you don't need to get vaccinated because 60% of Sask already did. But you can't look at it that way. The ones not vaccinated are passing and creating these new stronger variants - keeping the virus alive. It doesn't matter what you think the government is doing - we all know they are assholes; it still doesn't change the question we have to face - do I live or die? We will really never know the truth about Covid-19 but right now the question is still the same and we all are scared and we all hope we made the right decision for ourselves, for our families and yes we all are mad at government, big corporations for putting us in this situation or this is Genocide Of All Humanity. So we preserver, we hope that like ourselves that there is good people in this world. And these good people will fight for humanity not for greed not for a filthy dollar. Even sheep can evolve. My choice was to get vaccinated. We are in this together whether you like it or not.
I understand that there is good and bad in the world . . . but how much evil do you want to be surrounded by before you take a stand against it?

We Must Be Better Than ALL Our Pasts - Miss Kitty