our World Too -Part 6

If I was pm

Why would I want a country of poor and uneducated ???

To me that doesn’t make any sense – unless it is that you want to abuse others --- then that is what you would want to do and to happen and to happen only --- you need everyone to faulter – from themselves - - that is what it also is about - -

Not being true to you – to yourself – to be happy with decisions you did ----- but that is the important part – decisions that you have to make your selves – each of us can only make for ourselves and to never hurt another - - - because that means then to hurt you - - to hurt yourself - - -

Because maybe this is it too -  - that we each play a part in this world to turn out the way that we all want to say and to stand to be proud - - - - - - - - - because - - - it is then us - - - - that then didn’t live - - - and we let good men turn into bad and abuse all families did everyone do

By not being true to you

And in being true to you - - -that also means that you understand how important is life - - and to never lie to yourself or to be never sad - - - -

And then that also means - - - that you knew when you where abusing me - - - you knew what it would all do to me - - - it would be the end and never a beginning for me - - - because to be only a dog is to not live and then that means to not exist and then that means not to live again - - - - !!! to see now and feel finally alive - - and that I can be a part too - - in my own world and then in others - - - to hope to help to show to be strong and to always love yourself - - - and never be sad for you

And that too - - that - - - to always wanting to learn is also part of being more of starting to learn how to not only care for yourself - - - but to show others - - - also too - - not to be afraid and to try - - - try to forgive yourself - - - for letting yourself down - - - for being abused - - - this too - - is more manipulation to that you will never be strong enough for yourself - - - and to say enough - - - - I am worth more than you - - - look at what you did to me - - - a crime onto me is a crime onto humanity - - - as we all have a part to play - - and you stole mine from me for me to never see- - -

And now what - - - all this shit - - for what kind of life - - - then each generation will suffer and be less just a little more until we are all less - - -

But to never evolve - - -

That will be what your abuse to humanity will forever be

To never reach full thought capacity - - full mental capacity - - lol - - remember to laugh - - and to smile and to tell terrible jokes - - lol - - lol - - -

Our minds are so powerful - - - and then we were never told to believe that - - - and then no wonder you never feel like you don’t live - - because maybe you aren’t - - - until you look in the mirror and see yourself - - -and look and be honest with what you see and with what all you see - - not just choosing or making more excuses - - - but to see you and for first time - - - to see how others see you as you look into you - - - - and then things just seem to be more real and more profound - - and more bazaar at the same time - - but it isn’t bazaar - - it is just all new learning - - and any thing just learned for the first time - - -

How do you and how will you process it - - - how will it change your view and or how will you now view - -

But just the realization that I can be so happy - - - and that I once was - - -

But I think even more now - - I think I am even more happy than I think I once was even - - -because now I see their abuse onto me and I still want more for me - - - than to waste any more time and want to be still only in their world - - - and hate and get mad - - - because as I see it - - - that will only then hurt me to not live and try to figure out - - - how wonderful the world can really be !!!!

Just imagine - - - everyone educated - - - everyone tackling the world’s problems - - - and everyone living large !!!

To keep thinking this narrow small minded view of greed of the dollar - - - and to let fathers abuse their own families - - - - then is to stay here in this shit and always be the same as those before you could only see - - - we have to learn to be more than our past - - otherwise there is no where else to go

And to stay in this shit is all that there is

To have more people to have more friends all wanting to have a goal of the same question to answer - - - just think how far then we will have our technology - - and have it also more to advance - - - with more minds thinking and creating and sharing - - - because the goal isn’t to rule to command - - - the goal in life is to see to get to the next - - - !!! lol - - for me - - that would be kinda cool to think of different ways maybe the universe can be - - to explore how my thoughts can compute and correlate and try to wonder and dream and then to explain - - - - lol - - super kitty style – lol

My freedom is for my own thoughts to be equal as to your own thoughts - - - because now too - - I think my own thoughts for myself and I can be strong and be brave and I can stand for me and for others - - - to also see how strong they really are - - - just believe in yourselves

Feel how wonderful that it should really feel - - - - to be alive !!!

This corrupt government to rule to command to serve to - - fck you - - my life is worth of more value than all your trophies your fake treasure

But all you do is take people’s lives from them - - and they don’t even know- - and can’t see - - that they are not even living - - only breathing - - to have a free mind maybe that is different than free will?? Not sure - - but maybe a question there - - -

As government and corporations are trying to total control - - - maybe free will is hard because you have to stand up for yourself - - that maybe is what you have to do first - - even before you look in the mirror- - but - - -once you stand up for yourself and feel yourself that you can love yourself as with your own respect and understanding - - - that to live now - - - is what I want to do and to do so much - - -  but because this crappy world is all only about paper that is money - - - then I need my abusers to make right by me so then I can live the rest of this time - - without your shame anymore for what you did to me

I don’t want to worry about that shit you did any more - - I have more important things to spend my time on and to try to learn and to discover - - and to always to be happy - - and to be happy while I am always loving me - - and always wanting to see me , free

All minds are to be free - -

your mind has to be free if then the mind cannot be

it is our thoughts that are important - - not how to abuse them away from even becoming - - what shallow minds you can only think then - - if you think that this is even the top to view of all the possibilities that can be - - and that can be true - - how your small thinking - -- is obsolete and soon we all will be too - - if things don’t change - - - and understand that your rule to abuse me or anyone else - - is over - - we are all equal - - your piece of shit money has no value when it comes to evolution – only thoughts


oh yeh - - if I was pm - - I would want everyone to be educated and smartest for each and every field - - - but because you don’t want us all to live - - you give us this shit life and say to us - - -good enough - - - well then - - now good enough for you

to hold money above my rights to be seen as a human in this world and in mine - - -is a crime in my world and the part to which I play - - in yours - - -

if I was pm – I would want the land to be rich as well as all the people in health and in knowledge of their own lives  - - that is how you become a god - - not for me to think but that is what an abuser is trying to do  - - - - but for me as to abuse I see only a waste of time and things then not learnt - - - to me - - - salvation is evolution- is freedom to be humans in our own humanity

I just don’t see to understand - - - to want to live to hate yourself - - for what you have to turn into - - to abuse for greed

My mind makes me god in my own world and you for yours - - - it is then how we can all be as one in the one world that we all share as one but also individually

Look at how the world has been and has been not taken care of - - but only for selfish needs and wants of only a few - -

China- - has ruined it’s own country and people in the name of being the leader in processing

Russia – has condemned it’s own people to struggle forever in their lives

USA – has never been it’s own country with tit’s own thoughts - - only the thoughts of corporate greed – as it was from the beginning when it came into – is still the same and only - - and now worth no money no power just a whole country now of seconds

Canada – to be a leader for change has now become a leader for no one to change to follow

Britain – who perpetrated their greed onto all lands that they walked on as visitors took as their own - -with no rights to follow for all that became born onto after

 And All Other Countries - - to only follow others in their greed instead of taking a stand and protecting their people

What right do you have to be in charge if in charge you are to only command - - -fck you - - - the riches are for all to have and to share - - how dare you keep wisdom and grace from me and everyone else to see - - who in the fck are you - - just the same as me

So get of your high horse and get back to this reality and to this shit you have all caused - - and start to fix your shit your faults - - and make living once again great for all - - - - - -

And you might think - - what a bitch - - who in the fck is she - -

I am at least someone that is taking a stand for me - - -

What the fck have you done???? Besides abuse those you have no right to

There is a way to freedom and freedom for all - - - but those in charge - - it is them that have to have that want that need - - - to protect not corrupt

To create change - - -you have to be part of it

And this I am or am trying to be - -

In my way – the only way that I can - - but at least I am


Because I want a better life for me - - and for all that I can see

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