Our World Too -part 7

If you are great - - why then do you hide

If you are great - - why do you need others not to be

If you are great - - then you will let someone else lead

Quit turning your shit of abuse and manipulation onto us - -

Because you think you can - - because you think we are less- -

Fck you

Rule to protect or fck off and let the world that we all share

finally grow into something more that you can never be a part of

That is to share

To evolve

To be part of our futures and not to stay in your shitty past

If you were great you would see

how then it is to be great

how then change needs to be


otherwise an abuser of life is all that you are and to be seen


I am worth more than a fck for other men to abuse and use

How dare you think less of me to then me think less of me to only be told to be

Fck you and your selfish shit - - your limp dic is truly pathetic


To think that is of more value than me and any life- - -

Fck you and see now how useless it is you to the world

And not others that just want to live


To live to experience our own lives - - not as slaves for your limp dic to only be

Fck you and your no rights to have over me - -

My free will shows me that I am more than you - -

Because it is you that imprisoned me


To only see as how little as you

A man you are not

A woman I am

A human I am

I am part of humanity that wants to be free

And to be more  - - than only your narrow view of only you to live

And yet to live so shitty - - that is your own shame - - to be not all that you can

- forgetting all the possibilities

to life

and you think you  can rule to command me - - - ?

fck you and your little dickie too


to be and only want less - - is to be your abuser

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