Our World Too - part too

-Only when you are nothing and you are only you - -can you tell me how to live

-Your greed over my right to live and to my survival is equal to yours or then yours has no value

-Why should my life be wrapped around your greed


-Why do you say you get to be in charge of me when clearly your greed is in charge of you


Is that what it is - - -if our generation doesn’t say anything about the abuse that our fathers are doing to us - - - - it will be passed on to our daughters - - - and then to theirs - - - and this is how life - - - does get worse - - -

Because it is us that have told to keep their secrets- - - and if we don’t say something then the lies that they tell others - -  they will believe and then what they did to us their daughters - - they will even destroy more to our daughters- - - -

Fckers of abuse - - -

Now you tell me that I am to be judged - - - - -

How dare you ruin my family , my children - - all because you made me afraid to stand up to you - - so you could then abuse my children - - - as how you did to me - - -

with abuse - - - you are not supposed to see past your own



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