Abuse or Love

A man you are not if a man you can only be to abuse

You also make us feel like it is our fault too - - then we feel that we are used and discarded - - - because you got what you wanted - - only intentions were of less - - because then why would you act the way you do - - - instead of trying to shift what is happening to round again on me to only feel - - that I am to blame - - but it is you - - because you knew of your intentions of only to be - - then to make yourself feel better because you never had any good intentions - - you throw the blame around except to you where it only does belong - - -assholes pretending to be men - - assholes is all that women are confronted with - - -assholes is what women need to see - - - to keep themselves safe

If a ‘man’ has to be beg you to do something that you do not want to - - - then don’t - - because he won’t care that it is you - - he will find some other woman that is not loved and will make them do things that will make them feel less after then about themselves to only feel - - - are you not worth more ? you should be to yourself - - - and that is what they do not want you to feel - - - because then they can’t abuse you - - - and that is all that they wanted to do - - why are you proving yourself with your body and your mind only - - what are they to prove to you - - -for your requests - - - and it shouldn’t be a lousy fckin dollar to throw at you - - - is that all that you think you are worth? To live your life? Demand education as the same as

 though that think you are beneath them and they use you to control you

and they think they are above you and can use because only of that view – theirs

that is what uneducated means - - - not to see when you are being abused by those that have more education than you and can only see to use their wisdom upon you to harm and take - - that is not education - - - that is rape of another To find someone in your life to have and to hold - - but not to control - - - that must add to such then - - a wonderful life for you - - -to have for you and to who you are having it with - - -

Or is that now a myth- - -

Was there ever ?

I think so - - - or maybe that is what I have to believe - - for me - - to see to feel to want to always see in life that is around me - - - even if I can’t have it - - - I hope at least to always see it - -

But instead all we now see is only the shit of each other - - - nobody knows how to be anymore - - - no one can share about themselves for fear of  - - --  whatever your fear is of

But for me - - -love - - - what could love be - - -

To have those feelings of emporium constantly at me in my mind in my brain to always feel and then to want to feel more of love that I feel and then to make sure those around me can feel the same - - - to be happy

To be happy with all of those that are around you - - -to instill a life of meaning and not just getting through - - - why would one even say that to themselves? To be so negative to yourself when you know that you should not be - - -

Abuse - - we can all live without - - -but love - - - -

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