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What is delusion?

It is all in the beholder? Or the giver to who is able to control over who then makes then what a delusion is then?

Because how fckin diluted you must be to not see what you do to yourself when you abuse your own children - - - the monster in the mirror

That is all that you are and only and of no value is you not me

Of your diluted thoughts in your head to abuse your own

To never live - - -

How stupid arte thee

and delusions of those that are in your head - - -

to not be a man and no one would not see

all would be afraid and afraid to stand - - -

against for their own lives - - - -

but that is what you only have – fear until you have not ; ;;

and knowledge to ever learn is now always my knowledge above you to see how to be more

and more than you could ever possibility be - - -

it is you that has failed my father and dave - - -

for the parts that you played in my life of that you stole from me to live and to be - - -

is now a crime for all to see - - - -since you don’t - and won’t

my conscious is now clean

and it is me that now lives

of pride to be me and to see

what a piece of shit you are and can only ever be

because if a man you would finally be - - -

you would have

because you know the rules - - -

to live is to not lie and not lie to yourself – if you lie you hide and then you cannot be seen soon even by you - - so - - that is why is a rule to remember - - - and now you forgot - - -

what a fool you only are to think life can only be when you abuse it from another to not have theirs for theirs to live and see  - - - fck you

ya - - big tough men - - - I call bullshit - - - I call weak - - - and I call a disappointment to also to yourselves - - - that is what you feel and maybe even more than what I can understand - - - maybe that is why you already have given up on life and is trying to make others the same as you not to live - - - an ass can’t be an ass alone - - -

fckers of abuse

fckers of wasting all life

and you think you get to rule over all of us????

I say fck you - - - you don’t even understand life - - -

And not mine as you think it is okay for me to only breathe- - -

I should be grateful - - right - - - you fckers of abuse - - -

That is also it - - you know that we are nice and won’t make a fuss

How am I doing with my no fuss - - but healing


An abuser needs you only to abuse - - - they don’t even care that it is you - - just that they can do what they want to you - - is that all your life is worth to you?

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