Quotes to Post part 5

What do any rights mean

As far as to live



- -  --  --


If everything is on a scale on how you get to live . . . .

Why do you get to deicide for me on how to live?????????


See what no education gives you - - - no choices on how to live


- -  --  --


They blame the homeless

On lack of mental health support systems . . . . . . .

Then they blame you on not giving it

When it is them that make the homeless not live . . . . . . .

But they understand

How to manipulate you on how to pay and to fix

Problems that they made

And don’t care to fix . . . . .

Otherwise no homeless there would be . . . . .

Because now we can all see  . . . . .

That it is they that needs to fix

The shit that they do to you and to me . . . . . .

If you are elite over me for you to feel

Then it is you that I need to fear that doesn’t feel


- -  --  --


When you are only doing something for only yourself to see

That is called       GREED

No matter how you dress it up to hide it

GREED comes in many forms

Just as many as there are you and me

And now that you have GREED

Try and get rid of it - - - -

And now that is called FEAR

Fear to live inside of you

Because it is you that gave up on you

And it is you that is too afraid to even see . . . . . …

to be even you

don’t you see - - - -

it is me feeling sorry for you - -

to waste such a wonderful GIFT


even though

that is all that you had in mind for me

to not live



- -  --  --


If we are always consuming

And consuming life is what we do

When we live or not live our own


Then what is the purpose of life?


Is it only if life is what we choice then to be our own?


And you fckin was going to destroy Me?????


Because you can only think of how to be only as one

With one mind and one thought    

Don’t you see???

You forgot your own rule

Not only to delegate the shit work

(for us the deemed less)

But to see – if you only think of as one brain, of one thought

Then only one thought can you see how to only be

And you know by hurting me - - -

One thought is only not what to have . . . . .

Only one thought to have then


What you did to me


- -  --  --


If you only have abusers to teach you?

What is it that you think you can really learn


- -  --  --




- -  --  --


To think for yourself

Is to know there is more than one way

That you only want to know of


- -  --  --


Because you think you can abuse me

Because I cannot see what you do to me

And that makes you feel

Superior - - - - -

So what the fck do you get to feel now - -



- -  --  --


To be dehumanized - - - right before you own eyes

How to manipulate and abuse


- -  --  --


I don’t need you to think for me

I see that you cannot even think for you


- -  --  --


If I can’t be me anymore

Then I am going to say what I can

While I am



- -  --  --


To see so many people living-

To see the same people not living

At the same time-

Not being

Not seeing

Not dreaming

Not wanting

Not wanting more for themselves

For them to stay as themselves

To be

 To live      LIFE

Of fulfillment and wonder-

To wonder about life that is and

That can be more

And to still be called and seen as

The same

- a life of more

A life without shame


- -  --  --


Look at what you did with your power over me dave

Look at what I can do with mine

I can free even you


- -  --  --



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