Quotes to Post part 6

We don’t see

What each other

Is doing to us

To not be us


The only thing that is real maybe in all our own worlds( our own individual lives ) is that - - - what we do to the earth

- -  --  --


Now all the abusers are trying to be

The only one we see

Corporate greed - - the new hitler

- -  --  --


What is your view?

What are you seeing?

Is it you?


- -  --  -- - -  --  -- - -  --  -- - -  --  -- - -  --  -- - -  --  -- - -  --  -- - -  --  --


I am not your conquest

I am mine!!

To see

To challenge

To beat

To flourish

To rise

To shine

- me – for me

And for my happy

Journey in my life


- -  --  --


They make it so hard for us to pick ourselves up

Loser Bully Abusers

But when you do . . . . . . you are stronger


 -  --  --


I can only live if I am alive in me


- -  --  --


You wanted to take what was good in me dave

And destroy it

Because you were no good –

Not me –


- this you did to me –


- -  --  --


What can you tell me?

What do you see

What can we share

So each other can BE


What can you tell me?

What can I learn

What can we share

To both BE


- -  --  --


What does a father tell his family

That he only had to abuse and use;


Can any words matter-


- -  --  --


Those that abuse

Are scared of you-

If you were to stand for you –

Then it is them that can never be

And only you!!


- -  --  --


If you are not living for you-

Who are you living?

Who is living you?


- -  --  --


If you don’t let yourself have hopes and dreams

Then what are you letting yourself have? – to hope for?


- -  --  --


How will we know how we each shine-

If we don’t allow ourselves our own love


- -  --  --


I would rather set people free

Than abuse life from them-


I wonder what they can see-

When you are free


How will the world change?

If you are always humble to see-

Who you are supposed to be –

And then you can only see-

Love you have for yourself-

To always be more

To want more

To dream more

To become more

And for me to share

This is what I see to be me

- -  --  --


Everything is a test of you – for you

Don’t fail just because they have

You see that you are more than they can be

You know you are more so be what you feel to be


- -  --  --


I wish I had someone to tell me what I was doing wrong

Because my parents couldn’t care too-

Because they were hurting me not loving me.

I wish I had someone that just loved me for me.

I wish I had someone not abuse me.


These are the dreams of a little girl, dreams to just be


- -  --  --


Do not doubt yourself

That is what they need


- -  --  --


Depends on how you look at it;

And depends on who is looking;

And through who’s eyes you are looking


- -  --  --


Take away their power – and then you have yours


- -  --  --


I want to see what I can do-

Not how you can hurt me


- -  --  --


You have to think

To be able to

Be more


To be more-

You have to think


- -  --  --


To believe your path is your journey

And it was meant to be;

So learn to understand

Instead of not be


- -  --  --


Respect the friendship I want;

If it is not the same as yours


- -  --  --


Those that have – have;

Don’t feel bad that you don’t have;

As they have extra to have

And as to share what they have

Or what then is it that they have –

Just things

That have no reason

That you keep

But only to keep

Just like greed


- -  --  --


If I want to destroy you , is a powerful feeling to learn;

I can see why abusers would think that is power;

But true power is not to destroy - - - - - - -

It is to create


- -  --  --


It’s about never being sad - - -

Because - - really- - - what for????

That makes no sense

When you are happy and want to live and live for you to live as you


- -  --  --


Why does it matter if my thoughts are weird;

They are not your thoughts


- -  --  --


Have self—




Have confidence


- -  --  --


What I see saddens me

That we are not wanting to be more;

So we can see how far we can actually be

To be more than we thought we can be;

And to understand that knowledge grants

Understanding, the understanding to do what is right


- -  --  --


Will a girl ever be able to dream

With the same rights to dream

As those as boys to dream


- -  --  --


How do I know if I’m crzy or not?

How will I know when no one tells me the truth

How will I know when I haven’t had my own thoughts?


- -  --  --


Every reality happens

At the same moment

In time

But at different

Places in time


- -  --  --


One rule

If you think you deserve happiness

Then so does everyone else


- -  --  --


Why should I listen to you . .

As you abuse me ? like WTF?


- -  --  --


We are failing to see – how powerful we are


- -  --  --


There is nothing left for you to take from me

Just for you now to give


- -  --  --



My father was supposed to love me

Not harm me in every way he wanted to-

Just because he could-

Where was my rights as a human

Where were you when you were supposed to protect me

And – as I see – all those that watched

Which means if you watched you knew –

You knew what my father was doing and going to do to me-

And you did nothing for me- but watch

And then judge

When it is yourself you can only judge - -

look how far down the rabbit hole of hate



- -  --  --

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