The World I see As Two

How do you see the world? Oct27.20

This is how I see it – as two –

Now please bare with me – I hope I used the right spelling of bare – lol –

Anyways –

What I see is – is a world of two – that is why anything we do to try and change the world for the better – can never happen – because we don’t understand how the world works –

And if you don’t understand how the world works – how can you begin to learn to play the game!!

But everyone sees the world as one – I believe – that is what everyone sees – well the masses anyways – the uneducated, the poor, even those that think they are above our shit – hello losers – if you can see shit – you are in the shit – you are in the world that you think you are not – and I apologize – I find it really funny because these are the fckrrs that think they are so smart – and yet look at how stupid they are – they abused their own families – nobody else had too – they did it themselves – the fools in their own world – the fools that is them and that they cannot see –

But I see –

I see how sad it must be – and how hard it will be to look – but you must look in the mirror so you can see – or you can never get to be – you will live and die all without knowing you – all without looking into the mirror and seeing yourself – as with love – not the hate that isn’t even yours to begin with –

Remember – because if it was – you wouldn’t care nor would you understand these words I say – because they wouldn’t make sense – because an abuser can only abuse – that is all that an abuser can do – they cannot change – because if they do – they will soon realize that their life they have lived is all in shame, their regrets  – but if you feel this even for a moment – then abuser it is not you – because the regrets that you will have – you would want to fix what you did – even if it was your last moment to live –

So if an abuser are you – the only thing that matters to you – is now that we see – we see how you are – how you attack others to make them weak, how you manipulate those that are strong – the world sees you – the abuser – now the world can see us – those that will not take it – for I don’t need your abuse to live – only you need to abuse for you to live – and I am stronger than you –

Do you understand this so far? Please do, important for you to be you

Now back to the two worlds that I see –

This is kinda neat – I think so – for me – this makes things complete – remember that I say that circles are important – and I’m not really totally sure why – but I hope to realize some day – but every time you complete a circle – or a thought that you were supposed to see – or to realize how something connects – I see that our two worlds that we see as good and bad – right – we have been seeing this the whole time of our lives – and not really understanding it –

But here it is –

The people that live in the bad – that is their world to see – they can’t see even ours – it is just make believe or seems unreal –

The people in the good – because they are good – try to help those that they could – but because they don’t know the rules – all the good they do is only for the abusers of the bad to receive – it is only them that benefit – not even one that you try to save – because save you cannot – until you learn the rules of your side first –

Does this make sense so far?

Because also the people in the good – they don’t even see – that they too are abused – just as bad as those that they are trying to save – but must save themselves first –

To an abuser – why do you think you are on the top? This question you all should be able to answer if an abuser are you – because this too is what I see – that you loser abusers can’t see – they you are not on the top – and really – how stupid are you for even thinking you are the one that rules you – when look around – what do you see- what do you see my abuser? – you see shit – just like me – just like you are only supposed to see – because if you could see what I see – you would see how easy it was for the more elite to abuse you – and pretend to call you their friend – gee – what kind of abuse do you do to me – it is manipulation mt friend – that is what it is – icase you didn’t see – and if you did – again the same question – why do you think you are the smartest in the room? Do you my abuser yet see? How I am trying to help you too – because you to are being abused – by those more powerful and greedy than you – by generations of abusers – of the ones that live in the castles for all to see –

For those that are in the bad world – even you ones that are smuggling – that are getting in the shit to get the work done –

It’s called delegation of the uneducated, the poor.

It doesn’t matter which world you are in – the good or the bad – if you are poor and uneducated – you are all abused. On both sides – Do you see? Each of these two worlds that are controlled by those in the castles – the queen for the good ( and now all the corporate abusers ) to the drug lords in their castles controlling all that is in their world – they are the kings in theirs –

Do you see?

No matter how much money you will make – you are still not part of their family – and that is all that matters to them – is for them to always be on our planet earth – and for those that are weak to be made to abuse their own family - - - who needs a war – you are killing your own bloodline to stop from being – don’t you see – you must see – because tell me otherwise then – why would you have a family – only to abuse and fck up and so then at the end of the day – you destroyed all of you and now can never be – well not part of society – of the elite – of those of knowledge – of those that can see – how not to be – and for why – that is what you don’t see – is the why –

Ask yourself please – what did you actually do in your life besides abuse yourself from getting to live to love? Because that is what you did – remember they don’t want you to love – not a good doggy are you then!! See – and I’m not trying to be rude – but I have to say it so I hope that then you can see it – feel it – for yourself – that your family needs you – that you have stopped on your journey – because I tell you – the elite – are living theirs – and living it large – all at your expense – because they delegated you, manipulated you – to throw away your life for them – and you can’t even see that you are not even –

You soon will not ever be – because once you destroy your family tree – it is like you will never get to be – and what if that happens in every of your realities?

If you think I’m full of shit – then tell me what you see – then tell me why the world is the way it is – especially when it is us that don’t want the world to be as it is –

Now on the side of “good” – what a stupid name – because good it is not – the queen could have saved everyone – she could have been queen of the earth – but now all she is – to what I can see – is abused herself by her father on how she had to be - - even the queen hasn’t gotten to be - - to live a whole life and to not see or as we said – if this is her choice of her free will – as now that she too can see that she could have been more – will she look and see in her mirror? Or keep us all as her slaves – because to look for her would mean the end of her dynasty –

But what the queen doesn’t realize – that is not what will happen – if only she would look and see – how free even the queen can be – and finally get to be her – and finally begin her journey for us all to see!! To be the light – to show the world the way – the way to see how much father into time and space – because this is just the beginning – when you look at yourself and you are completely honest with yourself – it is amazing -  how to be able to feel with such love for myself – when I was shown – was only hate of my abusers and the hate of those that watched – and here I am – filled with more love than you can ever imagine – because if you did – if you did feel this – you would be so ashamed to cause pain to another – because that then means then you have to go off your path – off your journey – and even for a moment of hate to put onto another – it is you that will suffer because then it is you that is off your journey – remember that – important –

Because – remember if you want to be an ass – then be an ass – but know we all get to see that an ass is what you choice to be – so we don’t want to have anything to do with you – because you choice of your free will to only harm – not love – and those that want love – can’t even see you – it is you then in your own world of hate –and were then you have to stay – because that is all that you can see – because hate cannot grow – it is only as it is –

It is love that can grow – that can open your heart and your eyes – so that the worlds, the realities, the universe, the time within time – and that you will get to see all of that and all of what we can’t even dream of yet!! Just look and you will see all the possibilities –

Remember – it is for your journey to be better – right!! Why would you want your own journey to suck!! Right!! See!!

I see my abuser – I see who abuses my abuser – I see how much more there is in this world to see – and I hope that I get to understand more – I hope I get to see – all that I can be!!

So, I will expand on this, but I need you see – that you are more than the elite want you to be – because they are the abusers of all – both in our two worlds to make as one –

It always been the same as in history – we just can’t see anymore – because those that can manipulate – can manipulate you and me – to not even be –

It has always been the same – an ass is an ass – they choice to be – they don’t care about you or me – because they can’t – because if they have to see – how they destroyed the world from being – it is them that will be full of shame – which is what we need them to see – before it is too late –

Because what else I see – is that if an elite wants to be – there can only be one in the end – and then that will be – the end of our existence – as we now see –

And at times these two worlds collide – where it is the elite of both sides competing to be – because it is the same for us – nothing changes – it’s all the same shit – just different faces