To See Me - Is To See Me Be

I will try to explain - although it is the only way I know how too - so I hope that it will make sense to you to see - for you to be free - - as it has freed me - -

to live better - to live with love - love for myself - love that nobody told me to have - for myself - - - love that you need for yourself - - otherwise you don't get to see - maybe that it is you that is not free - - - - not free like you think - like you should be - each of us should be - 

maybe in me sharing - my life - and what that it is that I see that can change and to make ourselves feel better - - no matter what - - no matter what somebody else thinks that they can do to you - because you will see - - how to be strong for you to be - Always with love for you to Always BE!!

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