To Abuse, Has Been Abused

to abuse is to make one stupid - - and it doesn’t matter which one you are

- -it is all life that is lost when it is abused- -

To Abuse, Has Been Abused - - -and that is all that they can see

love yourself enough to know if you do love you


sorry- - - wow - - -it is like I see what I have been trying to say - - - and thought I tried in all ways - - - but then one more - - - and I hope better than all the others - lol -lol- as this feels just where maybe the world needs to see - - - - - and stop not living !!!!!!!!!!

and think differently !!!!!!!!!

and for yourself - - - if it is not nice


please reach out to me if you need - - - and I hope I can help , if only at least as to hear and to listen

and thank you to all for all your help for me !!!!!

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