Learning To Think

Learning To Think And As To Each Other And From What We Where To What We Now Are Learning - - when one thinks 

Is that what it is

Everyone is thinking - - that is how you think –

When you think of thoughts ]

That is you thinking ; ;

Already more than just you - - as you are

Because you are wondering of other possibilities that it can be

Whether whatever ; ;

I was thinking to myself - - lol - -  That why do I think of all these possibilities and does it even matter - - - or as to why then - - if it does

But that is when you are starting to use your own brain for you to use?

Because it will seem weird- - - because what you are doing is new - - - thinking - - -

For yourself to have your own thoughts as then - - - - because of what I only once was- - - and to know that I can think of more and how to see to be more - - - - maybe that is why the back and forth in my mind - - - and thinking of all the possibilities that there can be - - - maybe that is also part of life?

Thoughts flow from one to another

From one thought to another thought

From one thought to you , and so on

 - for, forever !!


To be a part of life that existed and can only exist because you played your part !! you lived and living - - -changes everything all over again !!!! lol

Super fly kitty style !!!!


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