My Father Your Father

I was raised to belief as well – men had all the control in life - - that is what I was told - - and look at around - - that is what it is like - - so what does that mean? Then ? is this my world or am I still stuck in yours or the one I am still supposed to believe in?

You were to please men and be a good girl - -

Do what you are told –

And then at the same time I was told to believe in love - - I guess with that part - - they could really fck me up – in my head, inside - - to keep me stupid and naïve and as to what only they want me to see – and to never question - - with one hand abusing me and with the other telling me that I am loved - -

- and yet you judge me - - it was me that was abused - -

By my own father then those around his land - - who he ruled over and had power and control of - - to make look – the other way- - - because if you ever needed then a favor or money from him- - - - -

- just to remind you who was in control - - my own aunts and uncles knew of my father - - and his abuse - - and did nothing to stop it , only looked and then away

Fear , for what if you need the help of a person who’s only need is greed over you - - that is what my relatives did - - to themselves – when they couldn’t do what was right - , and now - - look - - no one does - -

So is love for real real ???? - - or is it what they use to keep us all under a spell, a love spell of manipulation - - - - of what is not what you are willing to see and accept - - because once you start to question - - how much love is really left in the world that we all have to share

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