To Be Is Me

It is so sad for me when I think of all that I was only worth - - -to my father - - to dave - - - to anyone else that thought it was alright to try to take advantage of me and then to harm me and to not care about me at all and what that would do to me - - - how can one be like that ? to treat another human with no dignity - - -that is what you did to me my father Iran Archie Kachur and David Wright owner of A1 Rentals and Party Store - - - how you didn’t care that you knew you where taking my life from me to never see - - and to never see that it was also you

To never understand what abuse is and how it works - - because I am so abused by you - - how could I ever figure it out - - you had no worries that your abuse would never be seen by the world - - only by other abusers to you hide in plain sight - - -

Your secrets where never mine to keep - - only if I stay in your fear - - - and do not want to have more for myself - - -than just your abuse - - -

That is what abuse also does - - - it is a circle of it and of it in itself - - -  and it will never stop - - -unless you look for yourself and tell yourself that you are worth more than only what they tell you only to feel - - and it is so sad that you feel - - - and you can’t feel that - - and not for much longer - - because it is eating at you it is all you can do - - but stop - - and look at yourself and see for you that you can love you !!! - - - that is what all the abusers fear

They can only use fear to keep you or lies - - it is all the same - - - it is not the truth- - -

And remember as I think is true - - if you lie to yourself - - do you really live? Did you really exist in this world or only did you just only breathe with your only chance at seeing you in your life and only one chance one shot to live it even - -

An asshole has to be an asshole to exist - - - and if an asshole they are to you - - then an asshole is all that they are to you - - that is it - - it is that simple - - - and no need no time to waste - - - especially on an asshole who doesn’t even care about you in the first place - - assholes - - - they can stay and live in their own shit - - - free yourself and live your life !!!! - - you , , is waiting for you - - to see you and to live !!! happy for you to be - - not just an abuser - - -like wtf - - right !!!!!!

Abusers- - -  - if you have to abuse me to get only then something for yourself - - fck off and get away from me - - - - I don’t need your shit just because you do

Just because you can’t grow up and you think your dic is what makes you as a man - -

Because if that is the case - - - our reproductive parts are so much better than yours and can do so much more - - so piss off with that neanderthal shit -  -- 

How dare you play with our lives like that - - men with abuse only to be making rules to harm everyone else that is beneath them - - good men and women , , our level of society , , that they don’t even care if gets fixed , , because they don’t have to live in it  - - our leaders live above all of us and are not leading for us to live happy lives - - only them

Or don’t you think things would already be different ?  not this same shit - - - that isn’t even living and not even for anyone anymore - - it is stale - - - because our minds are - - because we can’t think anymore and not for ourselves - - because thanks to all the abuse that is done

But to stand up and say - - that after all I have been through - - I have something to say - - - and maybe only to me - - maybe I am the only one that cares and maybe this is my weird part then in this part that I play that is with everyone else’s parts that we all have to play as we all share this one world that we all live in  - - and to that part we share each - - - - if only the abusers are playing their parts and everyone else is to afraid to play theirs - - what soon then do you think is at hand - - - after and to the next abused even more generations of people that do not stop it and just hide and do not help them or yourselves to not live - - and to not live better - - - because we all want to live lives of more - - -if given the chance

to live is to live - - not to just see 

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