What You Do To Me

I guess life itself has to be selfish

To exist –


To be selfish beyond that point

becomes to not exist




because you make me feel guilty from your secrets your lies

then you lie about me to others so now you then abuse me all over again –

to know I can’t say what you did to me and now you know no one will help me


your hate crimes onto me as a human - - is your secrets of abuse - - - same shit as hitler - - just now with our fathers – their own circles of pretend worlds to abuse of all others


it’s funny how I never realized that of course you did what you did to me - - so why then wouldn’t you then lie to also everyone else you see - -- as long as always you look good - - - that is what it is - - - for your sick pleasure yet again - - not a man - - just a prick that can’t control his own dic

how you thought I was worth nothing and maybe I still am - - but at least I can stand – and stand for me as I am- - and be seen - -

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