About Us/ Info

I started the store so very long ago –

as to be a safe place for people to shop – especially women.

I never saw the toys as for sex., more as for couples
enjoyment to be able to have, like an extra bonus to play! – and if you were
single how the benefits , great !! –

Sex should never be one of the things ,, that should be able
to abuse –

you just then take away then –

what then it even was ., or could then ., be felt.

as this world is so scary ., why would you not want that
to be then - -

for sure –

 a real.

Sex is so wonderful as to how it can make your day !

even if the play is all by itself as it should be even too of a felt great !! - -

to not live forever ,, why would you not want to feel .,
forever great!

and there are so many exciting ways to play ! - -

 how the excitement of,,
should always , be of !!

Have Always GREAT SEX ! why would you want, ever less.


Thank you for shopping with HOUSE OF TOYS. We have been selling products since 2006 and we value our customers comments on the products we sell and items we should carry. We take pride in the prices that we offer to our customers and to all the different choices of product we carry. And we love to hear about our customer's satisfaction on finding that right toy. Remember to be a HOUSE OF TOYS customer you have to be over 18 years of age.

All communication that we have between each of our customers is held in confidence as we want our customers to feel safe and secure in providing us with any information for making that happy purchase.

No returns. As our products are of a sensitive nature we insure that all items work and meet our standards as we cannot take any returns of all our products. All sales are final. We care about all our customer's safety and hygiene therefore each customer can be assured that the product they are purchasing from us is new. Some products do come with a manufacturer warranty. 

If an item is out of stock it will be replaced with a similar item of same price or higher price.

Prices, products, promos and services are subject to change without notice. All deliveries are made in discreet packaging. Shipping your order is the same day we receive your order. Some items are shipped without product packaging. Competitive pricing is checked regularly but does not guarantee their pricing and of / or if item is of similar.

Remember to play safe with your toys. All products are for recreation use. And Always Be a better lover.

To contact head office please use contact form below.

Call or Text 306-596-0666 to place your order in Regina/Pilot Butte for fast delivery. Deliveries are cash or debit card. Coming in from out of town? - We can meet you where it is easier for you. You can also pre order and have everything ready for when you are in the city. Orders will look like a food delivery order.     Thank You Miss Kitty