Beaware Of My Dadd




IOWC Children Intelligence  

Who is dave Who is my dadd

when you don’t know you are raised in a monster’s home, you can’t see to think as them. You think still like a child, because you would have to be a child to think or hope, monsters are not real. 

I thought me catching mom and dadd, that i saw what they did ,that that would have stopped them enough to stay away,,   

it was like I stalled there , to that moment, and never left. 


it is you that all knew about my dadd , about ddaves,,

i had no concept of

all the rape and free abuse you can then do to me,, and at my expense. 
your 2sec romp for your addiction from your own disease that you wanted as to be what then you are. You need those as me,, or back to raping again face to face ,, not secretly in the homes to create ,, the perfect child to the perfect grown woman. Stupid to only obey,, to never see. 

rape is not part of family. 

i am of the pool , of the sea to never se ,, what was , once me..

who are you A DAD or a DADD??

You couldn’t just rape me dadd
You had to steal my soul. You had to destroy everything of me. So I could never be happy , never get strong.
I still found me to see you, you piece of shit
Thats why to my son. You always made him feel as me. Not wanted. That is what you did to him. So he wouldn’t protect his sister,, 

How come those as my dadd know I’m not supposed to

Then the rest used those as me to keep those as my dadd and dave away from your children
Shame on you. For not helping those as me too, I was a child when this was all done to me. 


How can you even say as to the wonderment of the mind!! 
We can feel of a family strength
Of a religious strength
We are able to think about things that cannot even be explained! The mind is so incredible!!
And you want to rape my mind so this only shit. Exists.
What right do any of you have to make any one Suffer.
We cannot say what is true as to a reality.
But for you to then harm others because you can only see to weaken your mind.
You do not have that right Over mine. Or fckn. Anyone else’s.
You know reality is untrue.
So why do you get to hold. Even a whip. How dare you think your sight is Only.

We are all equal to own our own minds, or none then do.

I never got to see the real me because you only wanted to harm me.

It isn’t what we are discovering
It is how only we are. Told

You hid my role so my cost was none to all of you 

You know there are those that will abuse a childs mind. Where is the childs protection from the harm.