BEings On The Sidelines

If you Sit in front of the tv or
every where ,
  where ever you are
- how that is 
ALL that 
you will do.
  to only 
-  become.

sit , to , sat.

what is .., of life .,., what can ,.,., it be !!

more of !!

how about we all get the chance - - to live our own - - without you abusing minds .,., to never  be. of the self.

self-owned - -how that is my right to be and have. it is also my born right -- just as yours - -just because you stole mine - -gives you no rights too.

taken rights .,. is only of you, those that abuse. hiding .,., in the grass .,. is you ,., those that shit. over .,., every thing. - that is - - what you do. 

spoiled .,,. to think you are  - - something -- 

but are not.

      and are only.

how do you see your self - -is it of only one way?



you don't want others ,., to have , any fun ./.. so all you can do --is harm, every one... is that your fun? what you call fun? and how it would have to be - -because how you are afraid - -of every one you meet - 
are they - -- as you. or worse - - how you - - first thoughts. those that abuse.