Catch 22’s

I have understanding of stress
Not understanding of abuse
And the understanding of the stress ,,,
Is to have to understand the abuse
Catch 22
Wrapped,, into

To have understanding of nothing and to see how no one else does
Is everyone just guessing?
How some think this and some think that ?? What does that then ,, really mean??
Is this how far families are now spread apart ?
Why should life be scary,,, and how it is ,., not even deathe ,.,
How we all should feel always wonderful!! To be here in this place at this time and with everyone else that is here too !! Like how is that not the coolest thing around!!!
Right !! We all are the wonderful things that are around!!!
How to only get out of bed for work ,.. as an only reason,., how we all have forgotten how wonderful we are !!


if you were willing to abuse me so easily - and you know the dramatic effects it has - 

and you do it -

what is that then called ??

 — - —

you know what you did was wrong
Why do I have to say

my brain will never be more ,., of a child’s mind ,.. 

as to see ,. danger, 

my dadd ,. made sure of that ,.,



if you do not know your home ,. All around you is also ,. 


With all the possibilities I couldn’t find one reason
Why you would
To me.
But it wasn’t me ,., needing to give or find ,.
The reason

How you played
With a child’s mind ,..
Hide,.. it’s handicap

to live