Dave and his horror

An abuser, a rapist will use stories to tell you that they are not the same piece of shit. So you let your guard down.  
dave told me how when his kids were little and how they moved into this house and the furnace went out, it was winter, cold. He was out getting drunk and his wife at the time would try calling him and he wouldn’t answer. When he finally got home they were all freezing and he could only yell and degrade his wife for the furnace being out. 
It doesn’t matter if the story was true, what does is how they will talk like this to get you to feel sorry for them,, how poor him,, he’s now changed. But those as me do not see,, you should run,, when you hear shit like that. And it’s funny,, I was thinking of not being with him,, and how it is like a line they use. My shitty husband did the same thing,, just a little bit different.. 

If they treat anyone badly, especially family,, they will treat you the same.