Discover your mind to have

If only people are harming., and to any other then they want to -
But to harm your own child from it’s own understanding of then it’s own family’s understanding of existence as to what it is .,-
There is no greater harm and to every child -
How can you say you have then ., a right to do and to then ., all those that will only then ., see to understand only then ., after you -
You already then., as me
But because you think you have more intelligence because you can give hate ., shit anyone can do that .,
It is intelligence to see - your hate
There is no intelligence of Here ., only what to only then., understand then ., as to then be only as then ., here,
Intelligence then of one own’s Self can only be then .,-
And what was then our own then real and of then ., our own then Self .,
We are falling away farther from our own identity to be-
And for then ., here
There is no real here anymore .,-
Only birthed and given then , a role .,-
And if your fahter is a piece of shit .,-
Your only roles will be to learn to be a bully ., or be abused by then .,.
The family .,.
And these roles you already know are not what is .,-
But you make though ., all only live though though ., they are only., what is .,
But it is so only you can abuse then .,-
Just as you did to those then .. in the family .,-
How those that are abused are forever., only ., abused .,
Because shit., once your a bully ., shit .,, no one can see to say ., even .,. Boo
And you will only view those to be victims., as to only be then as then ., for you -
But right do you have -
You only play a fckn role too .,
But i am not here to be abused., and by you -
Its like
If you cant see your own Self
That the circle then ., of this .,. shit is only then ., for shit .
It is like the saddest thing, to understand then ., of you -
It is those that bully,abuse ,. to not see to understand then .,-
The minds then .,-
of -
What is then .,-
To -

How can you even say you understand you -
You are already only made -
To be-
Only -
B to only., then., only., ever see-
Because to not understand - it is about more., than .. shit to abuse-
Like my goodness.,-
It is not those as me ., that are .,. stupid.,-
Only made to be .. for … you
And you know how incredible the mind is to navigate.,-
Why would you want less for your own ., blood ., - to be then ., great. ,
We are all more- of course says the horse -
We are all only told ., to be only ., roles .,.
No minds then ., even ., are started .,-
No minds to then .,-
How can a woman meet a man ., when only ., dolls or boys ., are at hand .,
Want more than an only circle ., for your child ., it becomes then more for Your Self of Mind !