During This Time Of Year

Make Your love always worth You !!!

Merry Christmas and have Your love in Your life!!! And then share that !!!!!

Please remember you can contact me if even just for someone to hear –

Please Take Self Care of Yourself every day of the year



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During this time of year

It is difficult for a lot

To see how much cheer you can give others that doesn’t also include you - -

Because a family you don’t have and don’t belong too - -

But that isn’t what we should be learning from each other - especially for those that say they love - - how can you only love then only once a year - -

So much time of our lives can be spend - - so much better - - if we knew we too , we’re alive - -

to want to see how to spend our lives.

But at least what I have over you - - is I don’t have to lie to me to lie to you - - - when to pretend that love is what you see from their eyes - - to continue to not live and live only for them to see to be to exist only for them and only them ; ;

Even if you have someone else to look at - - you might be even more alone than me - - - and you have to judge and be rude to me - - just so yourself can’t see you - - and how sad you are with you . .

Because to live a life with no love and no love for yourself - - - then is to not live a life of love for you that you want - - -

And if all that is that that matters - - -

even then the love for yourself , do you have?

Does it really matter then for a xmas when xmas then is not  - - if a family is not a family and only can hate and even judge even within - - - a merry xmas then is just more lies to pass the time of time that cannot get back  - -

And not for no one to get back and re-do  - - time that is just gone and remembered now as regrets

How much time in your life did you spend  - - how you had liked - - how many lies took how much time for you to be not - - -how much more time will it take – for you to see - - time is not what you got - -

If you want to be more than your parents - - because that is what things to are about - - - seeing their mistakes and not making the same - - - growing , learning , trying to live a life that is our own and to be of a happy life for me - - for each of us - -  to feel – to go through - - - because that is what life should be - - - a wonder and excitement to live  - - -and to hope to do all over again !!!!


How do you get over from being sad - - but not only sad- - - realizing that you were not even loved at all - - not enough for one person to say hey - - you shouldn’t act that way - - - why don’t you love yourself?

Because if you did; you would see - - that you don’t – to act like that to hurt your own self - - - -

Merry xmas from me – in wishing everyone to have and to know that to love yourself - - is the most precious gift that you can give yourself - - - and to do that - - - every day and every moment in every day and to never forget - - - it is your love for you that you want and it is your love for you that you should only want ; ; ; the way you want to love and to love you


If you are sad and this time of year is even harder to muggle through - - - please do not hesitate - - - use the contact form - - - and communicate !! – lol - - see – smile in things that you do - - -even if that is all that you can do!!! for a start , , and then , , more just comes next - / - and happy smiles are felt now in your heart