Egos for only eggos.

 To play someone and they are not playing you— shit 

your the only loser -

in the world- is then ., you  


you can only be -

your own


or friend -

you cant see -

who is .. now ., only ..



once you lie -

there is no

more train 

to be on .,.

you are only 


you are .,,.—-

still - …

- on -

the train -

has gone and past -[ -

you -—


to only want to be a loser for ever in life is not your victims ,, even if you hide what you do to us from those that don’t do.,  

eventually you have to feel ,.. what you do  

its you to not understand you .., 

or the .,. rules  

you can only hear …  how far only down now .,. the apple tree  

im part of your family., community .,. but you can only see me to abuse me and you can’t see that no other even then could ever see to even see what is you. so you cant see .,. no one but family.,. would care too.,. if the child then ever saw … and what now .,. You then cant ., because now you have to see you .,,were - lied to.To then do. 
it can be your only answer now. 
because you didn’t complete., step one 

you got emotional.,.. whether it is anger or jealousy or whatever.,. its where YOUR learning.,. Stopped. 
your less and less .,, connected.,.. with every lie. 
only one as me could see 

the possibility ,.that had zero to none chance. The possibility of there ever being me .,. free so you don’t have to have .,. Shame ,.. back to you ,. Those that already know.,. how you can only hope the clock runs out ,..  for either ,. doesn’t matter …. not for your GUILT..,

because you also don’t think .,. we can fckn … even .,. feel.  
its not to feel not the problem,. there was nothing to feel ,.. for .,. it is you the ghost ,.. in the shell. .,. Both ,.. dying and inside … how things become things forever .. only now .. recyclable.,. not