existence is to be and always to be then ., existence. ,. ,

how can anyone have thoughts for then ., their own . ,existence ,., -
here  ., it is like ., that is what is then ., the harm now ., -
to have those then ., with no existence. ,  but how can you be in charge of that .,? - 
of existence ., - - 
you can only .play ., your ., part., of .,  -
and for only ., your part. ,of ., - -
what part would mine be, if it is to help then ., those ., not make then., those  of then ., me ., -
because you can see .,., it is me still with ., existence. ,., 
and even ., more so ., now ., is ., me ., 
and if you could see instead your family to love .,., you can see why then ., what is then ., love .,., 
love expands ., understanding. ,., of your own self ., to feel to have to know to become to be then ., aware ., !! - -
to not give this as gifts for your own children ., for you ., what then ., is then ., here .,
how can the circle ever be ., broken ., when it is only those you harm that can see then ., why not to ., 
right -- 
you will never see me ., for what is ., me ., - 
only how you only ever saw then ., me .,. -
and how you know ., it is all wrong ., right .,  - the role is not what is me ., 
and neither is it of then ., you .! like we are all so much more ., but no one can see .,how to look any more at any other. ,, because you can only assume if you know then what is then here. ,. it is all just ., flubber anyways. , because nothing can ever be real ., again ., right - 
you cant see your taking away ., the sight of your own ., family ., future. , 
how can i ever feel as   this .,., to know .,   this .,

i am only .,. a pet

and you cant see your only role .,. to make then me only never see .. its me that got to …see then .. more.,. understand then when I possibly could not .. you only played a role.,. not even a part. 
I am just a family pet
Never loved only hated by those that then want to
- my family gave me no value and no stranger then will either. And i am never supposed to know only feel forever only lost
And everyone around me knows .,. but it was never me to.
My fahter gave me a role to never know but all the other fahters know.,. I will never see how people treat me .. it is me to not treat them as they treat me and i die never being nothing more than only the role my dadd gave me .,.
He manipulated my mom.,. and i saw ., but I didn’t understand what then that did make me., not part of then ., the family.., i will be treated only as how mom was and my own brother and sister will degrade and lie to me too., not seeing their only role to hide then ., what is then .. mine

what a shit show ., is only here .., instead of minds understanding., more

what then i understand., you then ., couldnt 

what my mind then can understand.. you then .. couldnt 

but you will .. harm … me … because you thought no understanding was even .,. there. Shame of humanity to not be more than .. only .,. 
it is you playing only your role only to play for

It must have been fun watching me trying to understand., you … but not then understanding .. what even was me
How i get no protection
How i will be forever abused

i was made .,, for you.you were made to abuse those as me.,. 
round and round and shit only to see

Already a thing ., for you to see.
It is me to not ., see to then not ., understand… your hate .,. then for , me


you saw me as a thing… when you knew.,. I wasn’t ,,.