Home After A Long Day At Work

Tired from a hard day at work I finally get home , to relax , unwind and play with my favorite toys that are always ready on my bed !

one by one I take my heels off and 4 inches I drop - - next my bra right from under my shirt and as I start to unzip my pants

I hear a moan , , , and I hear it again , , it’s coming from the bedroom - - - -

Down the hall I go to see - - to seek and explore, ,

as I open the bedroom door - - -

I can’t believe it - - - all for me!! - - - tied to the bed posts , my lover awaits for me - - - gagged and blindfolded himself all for my pleasure to see and see as how erect he is !! - - - - oh my!! - - - I barely could get those words out as I have to hold my breath so I don’t cum with every step that I now make to where my naked erect blind and gagged lover awaits ,, to be ., touched ,,

while  all at the same time ripping off the rest of my clothes as fast as I can - - - !!

oh my .,

I cum already .,

ohhhh, it feels so great ., I am soooo wet as I rub all over the teasing juices running down my legs., -mmmm - - I can hardly wait to cum on his face - - - !!

I jump on the bed and to my surprise - - - - under the sheets is a another surprise and for me !!

two men I see on the bed and all for me and all naked and horny and ready to please me!!

and me ,, the both of them - - oh my !!

oh my!!  

I am holding my breathe again - - no control I cum again just with the sheer anticipation !!

And then as fast as a flash as my lover was pretending to being all tied up and now I am tied up and both men are satisfying me and in all ways that I could have ever been pleased !!- - - - OH YES!!

And to be tasted and devoured and to then taste both that have tasted me ahhh, , yes.,.,  mmmm we taste , good !.,.,and back and forth and more and more – how all wet our bodies are !!

Let’s get the oil , the kitty oil, and take a ride on each other and for each other to feel as we need to feel inside of me and out, and in, and out and push really hard in - -- do not stop - - - I will say when I am done, and done I am not - - - ohh  the incredible sexual feeling that can only be when being pleased!!

and now for me to totally be of my wants I need to feel both at the same time inside of me !! oh my !! oh yes YES !! What an incredible rush that is !!

To have the raw power of a sexual lover and then another!!  - - - me-ow !!

I have felt such satisfaction, and how I have been explored, and ravished with sexual emotions and desires that, .,.,.,just give me a couple minutes - - -

let’s go again  !!

get the oil, the kitty oil, and grease us all up again so that we can ride each other again and feel the more that only sex can make and give !!

oh  .,., purrr!

how you have made me.,.,.,.,purr!


my after thoughts