How do we get to our own HEAVEN

We all have to journey through what was then OUR ROLE that is unknown each of us. Right.
Our personal tests we have to conquer , to then see.
What was then ., our own real ,, before then the abuse to your self , that you then didn’t see ,,
Or you never get to change or leave here.
Here. Is always a test of courage and strength for then
Your own Self and Soul.
And we all now have been abused or manipulated and we each have to see what it was. Right.
Or you never see
Your personal
It is all that i am doing. But because it is harm we all have to see what was done to us. It will be painful.
But after that.
You see to understand,. What was then
The experience
Then needed !!
Its a weird process but we all are now abused, manipulated in our own way., that we can not see.
The key!! My friends!!
Lose your fear !!!

its all supposed to be only about Everything!!!

We all have a loop that was never closed from our youth  

you don’t want to be stuck., here…


Im just seeing.
The things. You did to me., to turn me., into stone.
But you can see.. my mind and soul and body.
Was always
Then FREE.
For me to see.. anything.,.
Because here.,. We are in the land that loses.
For me to understand.,abuse that is done to me and to then see though., yours ., what is then yours …
Because to forget you can connect.
- that should be a humanity right.,.
It is you dad ., that never searched to make sure what your belief ., is right.
It has nothing to do with me .,.
Only i have to see yours ., to see then where then you got lost.
It is you to harm ., me.
But you could only do as me.
I am a miracle !!
Just as those before me trying to tell you.
But you can only see how you do. Right. You think you see more then you do. Right.
How you thought was me.
But it is you.
You are turning into ., a shoe.
And there will always be one of us and for
Both sides.
Because for me to see you.
And here is proof.
I am trying to show you i am not lieing., how too you can only see and that you too .. how you can only react .,
One way
And back to me.
And you cant see.
That means


its just hard to write ., because i have to relive the moment as i Do……..

you wont see how how incredible i am .,. Only hate me more .,.

i cant win … trying to help you. 
ahh !! 
now i get it !!

my mind wont shut off !! -

lol !!

sooooo cooooool !!!!!!

that is where we are ,. how hate owns all of us. 
right. Hence the test to get out. Like we are in then ,. Hell. 

the more only you see you only .,. become 

and we all are ., here. 
i see you you see me .,. but you want to fall ., and how it is. ., just then for you ,. Right. 
we are in our own - shoes. 
trying then to not become. 
there is no heaven or hell. 
you. Forgot. Or didnt then search. 
right. When then you should—- have. 
to find your own TRUTHS

hate has us doing its job ,, for it ,, now. 
No one can see any more .,. what truely ., was your own belief,, that you then have .,. Now. 
no one searches — from any side no more. 
there is no self .,. to even .,. Journey.

puragatory ., the reapeat ., of the same … things ..

by then … the things.  
its so sad .,. here. 
we all forgot , how to  laugh. And with then .,. our Self  .,..and about .,.
Everything !! 


…to be hard on yourself.,. You loose.  You.  
we all are only amazing!!! Or soon we all are .,. of ., the past .,. to remain .,. no new thoughts .,. ever again 

it is. what is ., deathe and of then 

what we are .,, souls. !! In the transition  of life !! or our own ., deathe . 

only one as me .,. could ever make the journey.,..
And from. Any side
we choose to not have any

only learn 

to then