I finally see

now I get it

it was only fake with me,.  Dave still got to have real , a real life , a real existence,.  It is just me


you really hurt me


,. To make LIFE not life around all other LIFE .,  

that’s why all the lies , all the pretend,.,  To never see to never understand 

as to why , you,,, lie,.. 

you are protecting you dave,,., it was never about caring about me ,.. you already knew , you didn’t have to,.. it is to keep me , from knowing then ,.  Your truth. About me. 

If you do not know to not be violated, then tough luck ? That is life? Existence? Of the most incredible thing that anyone can ever be a part of?? You can steal the life of others? To kill me would have been murder but to abuse my life is not?

it is sad what then is , here


You win dave
You got to manipulate me, abuse me, degrade me, rape me,, take money from me,, abuse my business for your own use,,

You got to be the prick to someone that wasn’t,, you got to take advantage of a girl that didn’t of you. Thanks for showing that there are monsters worse than my dadd.  

 - ---  - -- - - - [][][][][][][][] - - - - - - - --

I can see to smile again after all the things you did to me to cause harm