If i can learn what did you forget

If i can learn what did you forget-
there is no learning what is only … for here -
only to know then .. the game that then appears.,-
no learning as learning truely is -
only teaching only of only the old -
to be then ., only the future -
A  B  C  1  2  3 -
and you will never., see -
like magic -
away your mind from .,. thee -
if the parents cant already see to understand - 
here is not what is real -
only that we all agree to but not -
so what then. , is then .. your real ,.-
how your soul ., does .. - it does ., know ..
to make circumstances is only what is here … 
how only for all only ., the roles that then .. now .,-
only appear 
no more are we family 
no more can family even .. see ..
connectivity and to then .,,
believe ..
no more are we family ,. - even our own .. child


Its like your afraid
Because then i’ll know
But I already know or am aware of
It is not my , fate. Which was only now. 
Which was the only road

so why not talk to me and see then how then i see.  Why be only A or B. abuser or beaten. Shit. !! We are all so much more,. and together !!

why be on an only road and especially… here. Right !!! 
take them ALL!!!  To only be only what only and as of a child no further understanding will each never get for our own awareness then of Self ,,  there is nothing … greater !! 
but to only want to live fake roles because then you get to harm those that already cant see. Shit. Not much then … anyways then. here. 
Then it can only be now then. Self Journey -   Because the journey of family,, is gone. 
and like so what already,. I was B you are A. Like how about seeing what C then is !!!  Right. Like how much cooler for the brain. !!