Journey is not about emotions that are made

hate / love is only made emotions to have to not then see .,. Journey 

they are only of a shitty then circle ., that has to be then to create then for the harm ., to have then the sadness., and its of the same only .. circle.,. No one on a Journey .,. All only getting farther from 

real to have

only the pretend to get to give no living then .. did

to be of either end of the circle it doesn’t matter .. for understanding then Journey 

Journey is not about emotions that are made


It has been so hard to have to learn this., because then of who then i was . only. a pet to not see…

But i never felt then that was then me and its like now with more pieces its like i get to feel more real and for me. But then i learn then others then , aren’t., they are the one’s having to complete these stupid circles we all only now live., instead of always BEing real and wanting to BE then .. real… 

was always. Me.