Placement of,. Things

Im sorry that having to understand the treatment that dave did to me,., and of my fahters ,., overwhelmed me,..
Im sorry that the realization of what i am ., only trash to all else and how I still not wanting to believe that ..,, but how it doesn’t matter how you see yourself,.. if you are anyways

Alone .. for dave and my dadd to have already done what they did,. It would only matter to me,.. everyone else already knew,. And it is like your the last one ,. too

so it is that too ,., you then realize how everyone else gets to be ,. And not You. And it is really hard to believe that is the goal then of life,. Of a life ,. Of any life … is to be horribly abused

and i still can’t understand why

When we could have been All so much more.
I wish if I could get a wish ,., to not be looked at as to how you do.
but to see me as to how you know , what was done to me ,.
how I was harmed ,.. and as a child ,..

Please protect your children and their , friends. They need you , too


I don’t understand
Why you would take me away from me.
As to be alive
But then not
And if we all get one shot at it,,
How you made mine,,
Impossible to get.
It is me ,, all alone ,, it is only me



I can try and be brave,.

But how it is,..

For those as me ,.

There is no brave .,.

Only to realize,..




Im sorry you saw it as me as the thing that is ugly to be around  

 if you were me you wouldn’t want to be,. So why do I have to

its hard to learn the same rules that apply to you, don’t apply, to me. Because the way you see me.