The cry for mothers to see - - from children - - that never got to be.


How it is you women - -with no strength do you show me - -

How it is fathers that already

none - - 

how you stood to not stand - -

how that is all that you showed me - -

how my own mother - -

how not even that is what then is she.


To blame me for your weakness - - 

To not be who you needed to be - - 

And how it was for all your kids to see - -


How we never even new you - - 

Only what of what we saw of you - - 

Hiding - -

Crying -

Not living - - 

Only in fear.


What can you show me - - 

Other than only of the same to only then be

How long time ago
If you would have said mom
How afraid you are too
- how I could have seen. How you loved me.
What you should have done for me.
How beside your side I would have been.