Quotes to Post


If we only look through our own eyes – we can never see the pain we do

that we cause



Don’t be so hard on yourself – your job is to Always love yourself – not be mad at yourself – not hurt yourself - - ? why would you hurt yourself – your own brain, your mind, to think to not think? You are always supposed to love yourself.

 - - if you are loved, you know to love yourself, - - this you know - - you maybe can’t explain - - and maybe only because no one ever asked you before!! This is what we need to share - - to be more - - is to think of yourself as more- - - not just as no one. - - self-love

To put your own self down - - now you are doing the work for them - - abuse complete


to become what we started – pure energy – not of another’s hate and greed


what is a fckrr? What do you see?

who is weak? Who do you see?

Who is strong? Who do you see?

And all is wrong - -

Because we are all of those things



-There is only one reason why you did that to me – to make me feel less - - to feel you.  - - and I am sorry that I didn’t always see - - - to believe in myself - - so then you can - - -


-for women to be strong – for men to be strong – this is what we need to see how to be –to not throw away your life – your journey – and then to have nothing but regrets and shame. – because if you feel bad for what you do – then that is what you were not supposed to do –


-the end prize – is getting to be


-to complete my circles – for me – to be free –For me to heal me – to stop the circles of abuse – of what was done to me – that continues after in your head. Then for you to see how to heal yourself –then how to be you – for you – and for forever




-2019 vancouver police Tiffany Hill – senator Lynda Wilson

 – why are we still property? – why isn’t the judge charged with manslaughter, or even neglect – his decision set the course of events. – telling men in essence that women are still property – because is that this judge? – views women as property? – is this what this judge is telling other men - - – he is letting these men one last attempt to fulfill their wishes – in abusing their victim one last time. – this is what the judge does for abuser men.

– for women - - This is what the judge does for women- - - allowing women to still be property; and we should be thankful he is allowing the victims to have one last view of their children – of whom we are fighting for                                            – Abusers only fight for themselves –

If the laws are prejudice against being other than you - - - then they are not laws - - only your rules against me and not you




-don’t waste your life – not even for an abuser –

No matter who he is – Family, lover or friend

Because an abuser is none of the above-

An abuser is a monster that you cannot see –

An abuser you don’t want to know – to never meet –

stay on your journey – that is what an abuser needs you not to do –

it is an abuser that is worthless- because an abuser can only abuse –

that is all that they can see  how to do – it is them that are worthless -

not you


-you have to be you – that Is the only way we can get to be – to be ourselves – free


When you abuse – you are here nor there- your energy is neither – you stop to exist – unless you look and see – your life is not even you living it – you are not moving it - - forward only reverse - -


-every time you stress – it is stress on your journey –

Every time you are hard on yourself – it is you not loving you –



-always be humble – and do not worry – not stress – that’s negative energy – it will work against you –


-the kitty philosophy


-so, what dave, because u failed and couldn’t rule me - - even ur father can’t be proud of u  - - if you want to look at it like that - - -lol MF !! lol !! do you see - - my two fingers !!!!! looking at you !!!!! lol see how easy it is to be you - - to be less. - -

-To be less – is so easy - - when you know how to be more

When you know how to be more - - why would you want to be less



To have a father and then to not have a father - - Is my father’s shame



Always ask yourself - - why - - -why are you worrying about that? - - - why? - - what is the reason? - - not just because

What does it stop you from doing?????????? That is the why to the question what - - -

What was done to me - - - -

Why is the day the day - - and the night night - - why should the hours matter?? Ahhhhh  - to slaves it does - - -

That is abuse - - and what it does for you and what it takes from me - -

As I see - - those that rule over me no knowledge they seek - - only greed and to enslave - - my mind from me to see - -