Reality Is Of Our Own Rights

you can only see what is here - -

you can only see what is not –


 but those that only –



and how it is –

it is not of those , abused.


how to not see but to understand then more

is those; abused


to always want then –

the more


to settle for only is those –

that abuse


a victim is one that was not but now is what is done-

to be always you – you never see – you where then not

how the trap too lays in the way then –

you can never then heal –

if you fall to see ,

always you


there can be no help where the world is then;fake.

and here this world we all share - - how only it is what is is fake –


to make then –



not reality and not for you to see – no more –

how you grow never knowing


and what right do then those before you - -have to then take.


when reality isn’t real;ity only their shit to take



if they already know to not know –

how only that can be then –


how it can only be here –

no children to grow and free



those before – always get

to keep