Sexual Orientation

sex is supposed to be Fun –

I guess that too –

is in the eye of the beholder –


what then that means too –

to you –


but for me –


it should be sacred !! –

it should be the one thing then that is real to always be then –

of joy –

for then all those to then have –


 a release –



as to how you know this;where we all are –

 - how it might not mean anything to some –

and to all to others ! –

so why harm something - -

so incredible as the enjoyment of sex !


if your angry when you have it –

it is then – sex you are having.


how lines can be crossed and to be then fuzzy - -

as to what even is –


the intent of sex should never be to abuse and to abuse others from their rights to enjoy.


to have rights only as for the body as to who you are ., your sexual orientation –

how that does not mean squat –

if your mind – along with body - -

not then –

recognized –



I am more than only my body and to how it can perform –

I am of my own thoughts and as to how I want to perform.