Take care of loved ones this holiday!

If someone you know has gone through a horrible thing-
They may face a deep depression and if they do-
They are at the highest point to commit suicide-
Learn how to help your family-
Do not let anyone you love have to go through it- especially , alone-
Because the odds then -
Are greater , against.
How we do not understand when events happen - how too -
It is to pick up then the pieces that will be difficult-
If you are in a deep depression - how can people then know that you are if they do not know you- and when you yourself do not realize even you are in-
- - If you are alone -  It is almost impossible - to get out of-
maybe how people then - turn ., bitter and can only stay then as ., 
  Because it is hard on the brain to even have to feel - to have to even go through -
But make sure you do ! your mind ., needs you to!
once you can start to feel - just of a any of you again and before then - the pain - -
It may take awhile -
But ,., literally - hang in there !
your soul ., will thank you!!

To be sad when you are alive?! To me.,.that seems so odd