Thank you

Thank you so much for all of your patience. It has been really hard understanding, fate.,when you get the short end of the sticks. Learning that last part of how it was done , on purpose and to me ., i guess no one has made it back so say the things that you did .. we always die crying for you. Maybe if you could see how life is more important than dollars and bills.  You would have saw, the light that is i. I can only see .,. as though .,. how i feel.,.You do not see the high rewards, i have for you.,.not only., regards., too. And it is so weird the way that i write now., think.,  and yet it is so cool !!  Right. Im only finally learning., what you got too when you were young., because you got too and that is when you got you was when you where , young. that you have a soul..your awareness
Me, Im like this all alone adult. The shift of realizing, more of the real world. The more i get info now the more i become alive !!  . But., you got to and to understand then everything.,already. And it is me a lost cat in a zoo. and those as me that are harmed the same way .,. will never see they are as me .. and those that do not abuse .. will only see what the abusers tell them what is then us. And then .,. Opinions form. Within ., families… and the one that the dadd casted away ., is forever lost .,. because no one can see ., to help the alone child ., 

With no one ., to understand her… the only ones will be those in her harm community to not care. but its like I am just getting to understand my soul and maybe,. i can see then .,. What you forgot now. 
because .,. everything here is now only things.  Because to not understand me and see to then the gift of understanding that i am. It truely is me .,. Combining. 
i can combine my captivity world with my own understanding.. and move on !! Past it from only seeing pain. You do not see - the accomplishment that that is , yet. 
i am wanting to revap the store as to have what i was trying to do before realizing the shit ,, to have a fun place to meet excited people!!  Its too bad i had to go through ., but its like ., i can see my world of what was only my life ., and am learning now , yours ,., and i am also at the same time .,. Learning my birth. !
right. Thats what you got to.. When you connected to your soul.,.! How your soul showed you ., who you are !! its so cool!

you forgot. 

i could never see to have any alterior motives., that is why you got to abuse me. I cant see as my ., captors.
seen as a thing by my harm community,.  and those that are not of cant see how to help..only sympathy.because you cant understand the harm to see those as me 
but ,,., thats the catch 22. 
i have to see. 
and how you couldn’t then,,too.,. to talk to all sides of the fence.. to even ,.,. see ,. all shoes

you do not see the miracle in mind that this is .,, forget the hate !
i would like to start a radio show talk show about - the amazing things, forgotton then .,. What you ..,, knew.,and how it is you ,.. not seeing anymore.,. How only incredible !! to view.!
it is the train that has us all on. .,.   we are where..time,,is now here.,, right,.. if you do not see ,.your fear. 
and it is the same for everyone,.. 

to not feel incredible.,only  .,.
you forgot. 
with. Imagination 
but i cant do this on my own. And if you could just see me as. 
just the curious cat to want just to learn more !

abusers cant even see to understand what sex really really is about.!
Shit ,.. if nothing is for like ., real here ,.  Shit. !! The sex better be !!!


my first slogan from my first store !!! 

Their is always reasons to be a great lover !!!   
maybe the reincatnated goddess of love ?!! lol!

because ,. I do. love you !!
not because i was forced. 
you forgot ,., i always,. got to see you ,.. just no understanding of ,.. right. So you can harm me. 

there would only be one as me ,.. to help you.,.,none from the hate community., none from the other side of the fence to even see what is you.,., you are lost as me .,., .the circle of the hate community. , no one ., gets out .,., once ., your ., in .., ., 

Nice to meet you. 

finally !!

Would like to have bedtime sex story time! Please send in your sex stories! To have games and prizes and just a fun happy induced adult time!  To create a FUN COMMUNITY with others!! Leave your hate and clothes at the door !!  
please send your ideas and if you can help MissKitty set up the show area. Or offer donations,, very grateful !