The Hardest Puzzle To Solve , Is YOU

 if you’re an asshole like dave and my dadd –

then you see the world as to control to take to make to break to fake –to die to leave to hate to have never seen –

anything else as to be –


how many times have I had to be –

 renewed –

 fingers not enough to then count –


but to never know why as to how to understand the ways of others –


 how you can not ever –

totally –

 renew –


 only –

rebuild after - -

you get back to then –

 the you that was you –

 before the known ,,,, as to what then happened –


but to totally renew –

 - and rebuild who I am –


monsters even never get to do –


how your brain wave only of one –


how mine now –

 has to be ., more than two –


or how it is –

back to one again with you –


how to learn and to remember what you learn and at all times –

how is then what your library then –

 consists of

but to think on the fly ., you need it all in your eye.



to say you understand others so that you can abuse them ., how you know – that is not ., understanding of others - -only understanding of ,,

not understanding that others don’t want to be you - -

it is two different .,. things ., ,



how shallow the mind can get or be –

how the mind can only see –



it is then the brain to see ., why.


and then combine those two ., and what do you get !! - -an understanding of you!