There Are Two Types Of People

there are two types of people.
those that can be happy and those that can not be 
no matter ., what . . .

how a man as my dad - 
cannot even see to change -
even after the kids are born - -
to change .even after the first one given name.
To stop beating the mother -
to not start even to beat the children -
To be so angery - -how it is 
only you dad -
how you cannot even see as to -
make repairs -
how then that means then -
no fear -
then lives .,
where it only did - -
in a home that had a family in it -
and .,. how it is dad -
you can’t harm me ,.
even if you blind me -
all you are doing -
is not paying for your crimes -
so then the children left alive -
you are no fahter - -
only , what then is a boy .,
the troubles then of.
how to be a father then -
you have to be a man  ,
first to stand .,
not still hide as you did-
is you dad - -
hiding all that you did 
 , already ,.,
- -
the way you behave dad .,
is only of -
how you act to only lie - to get out of -
instead to see -
that you are now  -
the provider of -
not -
the keeper -
no person can even keep a family -
you are only -
and you dad -
are nothing .,



no values can you instill into a child -
wanting to have then -
happiness -
how all I could even want as a want -
is only to be that -
and of then  -
With then -
my family that I am a part of -
not a man that beats the family -
how only with that thinking -
how the man cannot see -
how that is why then -

a child then had no fear to ask you then dad -


why are you  .,.  hurting mom.




how can you dream - dad;dave 

why would you even bother to - -


and for me - -

that is all that I did ., ,.



Dad you beat mom
Then you beat me
Then my kids

Dave you abused me,raped me
Harmed me which harmed
Then my kids