There is no real here .,. Any more

So when you are the family pet - -
and not then the family pet no more - shit -
How my awareness must be more real then -
What is only then .,-
here - - right -
It is you that abused me to never understand.,- where then i am - so you could abuse me-
And now i see you and how you are too -
Only abused to only then .,. abuse then ., me .,
-like what a horrible circle for all to only only see -
You took so much dad not only from us .,-
But from you too.,that you then never will learn .-
You broke family bond .,
To create only what only the kids then will only then., see only then … from you to only then .see -
- a poormans god of shit are only you to see -
To understand., how selfish of a man …
You gave up all .. for an only ., road .. that you are on …
Me., you only .,, placed ,. Upon .
What can only be here then .,-
A journey to then .. what is ., or what was .. then .. your real .,-