This Is My Time Now Poem

This is my time now 

It is now or never!!

So what’s it gonna be ME !!

To me that means that I better get my shit together and try even harder – to not get down on myself because all what Dave and my dad did to me was so much – so much pain still - - if I have to feel it again - -

It still feels the same - - the pain I went through – and can still remember –

But it is me that is different now –

It is me seeing – that I can still care about me and remember these things now; self love; and not lose like min 3 days every time I have to think about it - -

That is what it is like for me – that is what I feel - - is so not me though- -but so needing it to be - - for me to see.

It never made sense before.

And still I am sure that it means now so much more than I can still understand because I am learning that, that to expect more now, not less – I am to expect more, for myself!!! –- because now I am!!

Might still be more - - that it is only that - - I am sure more to learn about that!!

To want to be happy - -despite everything - -

Despite everything that you even did to me –

I still rise – and I get to be ME, finally - -

To believe in myself –

Like I never could!!!!!!!

Get it !! I am starting too!!! Lol

It’s so awesome to be able to feel so good - -

And all you have to do is believe,

believe in yourself - -

That you are important too, in the large scheme of things,

not just the little!!!!