To ONLY be- is not ME

You can only do 
what you can do
- nothing more.


how the abuser thinks that is of his victims -—


how you do not see the writing, on the wall, the words

in the back of your brain

 - - how they can also sound

- victim-

which means only once was 


the abuser can only be if you can’t see you then are more than the abuser. Because to even think of only to harm such a beautiful thing ,

wtf is wrong with you


what rights do you think you had to me? Hii. None.

we each and all are all of our own. Or soon. To not be. Because and hii. Of your hate. Hii. Not mine. 
I wish you could see. There really is more. To even. This Life.

please stop hurting me. I am a sister. Why can’t you sea me , except as to only hurt.