Two Views At Once

how it doesn’t matter as to your life- -

but as to -

hardships - -how they are felt —


right - -

a hardship to one - -is also a hardship to another - -

where love differs - -and so along with hate - - 


the only thing that is the same —

is  a

hardship —

but as to how it is felt-


how a hardship then - -is nothing then - -without that- 


right -

weird right - -

 but even to look at that at a new angle , different now view —

and what I just learned is that —


I view everything now —




without a hardship being felt,, how it is then ,, never ; one

why does those that lead need then for those ; to only have.

to only see what a hardship could mean by those as told ; what too, the hardships;be