What are you of

your so full of shit
Your mouth
rather - we all could have lived so much better !! - how you do not sea as to understand that ,,,,because how then would those then ,,,,above you
Control You.
and how you know ,,,,is true. .so ???
how it is you settling for this ,,,,,how it is never one ,,,,that had to be abused.


What you don’t see ,,,,when you sea me. is never my strength. Because how you thought, so easy was I to be abused and by you. the only reason even, besides all the abuse you gave me to not sea you and your tricks (,,,,which is only then of you.) but because, it must be too, in me, in my soul that I am finding to see, and hii. Me!!
Because you never gave me ,, not one, encouraging thought. And not even,one first before what you could get of your own. 

what can ever be different here??? 
only the things that nothing are!! It is us !!! With the only things then to lose !!! The abusers ,,, already ,,, given , up.

how they sea, only their place as to the role then only given. Gee,,,Sounds so familiar  ???? like???? really ?? and I’m the stupid one.?? for not wanting to abuse??
How you know it is no life for me to have the one you abused me to only,,, and all those as me ,,,,

—— and you — accepted it to only have????

so you go through this ‘life’ knowing yours already;has no value??? Or only of;to do…. Same thing.

Say never to the fools. That then do not care or see to put then, any value then, for you. in your life.

theirs;already has none.

to have to hurt another to only then be able to make then yourself feel only better and then only a little better and only , then , while then, only doing,,, that - because you do not , not harm.

what then are you ,,,,,if not addicted to then 

harming animals 

, and hii ,,,, still.

that is only as to how you view me when you see me , trash , garbage, not of its own BEing. And its like the catch 22. 
you fckn know why. You do. 
just fckn shameful, seeeing , what is of you, 

what is of , here. 

it is. Disappointing, because you knew, 

we all could have been more

and it is like you fcks then getting to decide, for everyone, 


how that is what you do, when you decide.to rape.your own daughter or anothers child, and even when that same child grown , how you know, still a child of the unknown.



your so full of shit
Your mouth

right ,, lol ,, when you have too then deal with .,., then .,., someone ,of
,and it is like .,. such a waste .,.,
of ALL 
- and no one even got to see you ,, only sea ,, you ,, as you
and no one got to see me, only what was what you made me of. Less, than you to only see.
How you needed to have to , to only see me as and for then, me too. How you can abuse one, for ever.