What is absurdity

What is absurdity –
how it is when you go to start to practice your piano lessons –
how you are not positioned properly infront of the piano , but wondering as to want to start – and how you know you are wanting to practice your left hand  -
but your not sitting properly infront of the piano and your slouching. , but wanting to start ,., 
 for your left hand to practice  –
then you see  - -
your right hand is free !!  - - so you think - hey !! 
 I can use that hand - -my left hand my head is resting on. 
 but how you then realize - --
then you can’t –
 \ – right – !! lol and lol you laugh and laugh and to your self !! -
-  it was such a silly thing as to see as to then think of that you even could have and it would have even ., then ., been good to do ., or have then worked ., lol –
 you have to use your left hand for the left hand then to learn – and the right hand is then for the right as to see how to remember as to how you learn then the cords and the notes and when then 
,you can look at the page only –
how you do not even have to see –
if you have = -- hands ., !

to play the music without ever having to look, or to check,,,  while you are playing – how you just - -glide! and into then - -the song ., ., !!!!!
and how it is in life it is –
If you are left and without family –
to help you –
and how the abuser fahter will not care if the children - -are cared for –
as he already saw to – blind .,. already their mother –
for them to see then -- 
that what then dad did and to then their own mom -- 
how you can only question –
then –
what then –
has been done and to your lack now of understanding  -
of what then is around you –
but then you grow and you can see -- -
what is ,,dad - -dave –
and how it doesn’t matter to what you se – dad;dave
how it does –
 only me
and how I have to see that I am brave and always can be –
or for me then to fall –
completely –
I cannot then be as my dad =-
or now as dave –
I can’t be as you –
to harm and degrade –
and how it is -- 
I wish you then can see - -
why not.
if you really want to give your family a christmas wish –
 - then be a family –
 - not abusers to each other too –
to only then se –
how it is you that will only then go –
round and round –
how it is those that do not abuse –
that do not go –
in .,.,
circles –
how you should know –
what that means .,
and to a caged ., ,animal ….